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BadBoy on Body Language

Lets talk little bit of body language, and how it is connected to attitude and confidence. We all know, that people communicate with each other on multiple levels. Words (what we say), is just 7% of the whole conversation, rest is bodylanguage. When I say body language, I mean: pitch of voice, tonality, speed, how you walk, the way you carry yourself through the world, eye contact, how fast you move (hands… etc), shoulders, chest… You may ask why body language is so important. First, because its the way you communicate with other people, including women.

This sub communication is even more important that ever before, because society created a link between our actions, and how people feel. For example when you are in room, and you feel really nervous, everyone in the room will pick up that you are nervous, by your actions, tonality, speed of your movements… Such things are really obvious, even for kids… you can see when somebody is sad, happy, excited, honest, angry.

Now, we can all find lots of info about other people by their body language, and find info about females too, the outgoing girlwoman, she can tell you a zillion things about you, just by your image… the way you move etc. Let me quote my girlfriend here: “I can see if a guy is good in bed, just by the way he walks.” That is so true. They can tell everything about you just by the way you look. It comes from experience, of all those years of guys hitting on them.

If you go out dressed like shit, probably you are shit… also, if you go out dressed as a money guy, you probably are a Money guy. As for the woman, this screening by looks and body language is a self-defense mechanism. She really doesn’t want to hook up with some Low-self-esteem loser, or some boring guy who doesn’t know how to give her some fun in her boring life. So they screen you, and try to find out as many things about you as possible in a short period of time.

Imagine, if you are a HOT girl, would you give 30 minutes of your time to some boring geek?? No, you would give him 30 seconds and then the “fuck off” line.

This is because she already knows that he is a boring, lame-ass guy. But what if some super-long term relationship confident guy who’s well dressed comes into a room, walks slowly towards a hottie with a smile on his face, and starts a conversation with a girl… would she reject him??

Probably not.

What if that same boring geek, comes into room, dressed like money, with full confidence, and alpha body language… would it make any difference to success?? No…

Now let me ask you who the guys who are really confident in our society are, with an attitude larger then life?? Who are they?? Rockstars, company directors, successful managers, doctors, rich kids…. etc.

Now, take a look how they walk, how they sit, how they speak… you’ll notice something really interesting. They are totally calm, like they control TIME, they are not in hurry, the way they move, how they speak, they radiate with that super-confidence.

Lets take a look what are most common mistakes are when somebody tries to PU a girl:

• Talking too fast (to say as much things in shortest period of time) • Talking too much (to hide your inner state (uncomfortable)) • Not knowing what to say next • Drinking (too become comfortable) • Asking too many questions (you want to create rapport too soon, as she doesn’t wants you at all) she knows its cause just the way she looks • Body language wrong (hands connected, foots too close, shoulders down, leaning in) • Buying her drinks (trying to impress her, or even worst, get her drunk) • Not being comfortable talking with strangers

Now, all this, does it radiate with any confidence??? Hell no!! Take a look, every action here radiates with INSECURITY!!

Ok, let’s correct that body language together, here is list of things that you must FIX…

• Keep hands out of pockets. • Stand with feet wider apart. (Not This II but more like this I I) • Don’t swing around with your hands when you walk. • Never look at the floor (down) when you walk (look above horizon) • Expose your chest • Shoulders up (in relaxed way) • When you walk, walk slowly, bigger steps, but slow. • Use lot of space no matter where you are, because it radiates with confidence… • Don’t dress in too many dark colors (just when you want to contrast with something). • Don’t be afraid to go into people’s personal space. Personal space is society bullshit. It doesn’t exist!! If you if give a shit, its going to exist — otherwise it won’t! • Always lean out… trust me, when you lean out, people around you • will start to lean in to hear you. • Touch people when you talk with them (non-sexual) because you must create conversation on all levels! Not just verbal. (Later she is going to be used to your touch, and that is perfect for the pre-sex stage!) • All your body language must be in same speed. That means you can’t walk slowly, move with confidence, and then talk fast, like Bart • Simpson!! It must be on same speed, otherwise they will tell you that you are ‘trying to be cool’ (cause you are sending different messages on different levels… so you are not CONGURANT (he is lying))

One more really important thing, my friend Shark would tell you “Pick-Up doesn’t start when you approach her, it starts when you WAKE UP in morning!” and that’s so true!


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