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Girls Want Sex

by RA, Charisma Arts Intern.

Yes, it’s obvious to some readers. It may even be obvious to all readers on an intellectual level.

So think about it and start believing it in your hearts and bodies. We are not johns offering prostitutes money for sex. They are the clients. We are the gigolos. They pamper us and feed us. The let us drive their new 5.0 and buy us new hats with names I don’t even know. They do what we want and more all in the hopes of getting sex.

Sex is the reward we give to them.

Yes, we want sex too. But sex to them is more than just the physical act of intercourse. It’s mental and emotional too. It’s validation on every level of their being.

It’s foreplay and it starts the minute you set eyes on her. She’s seducing you each time she snorts when she laughs. She’s seducing you by wearing chuck taylors and boyshorts. She’s seducing you with each curl of the lip and flip of the hair.

So return the favor and let her turn you on. Touch her and let her know she’s doing a good job. Smell her perfume and kiss her neck. Let her know what she is doing is working. Let her know if she keeps doing it, you’ll fcuk her in the way she desires to be fucked…that you’ll fuck her in a way that makes you cum like none before her have made you.

Sex and sexuality is the reward we give girls.


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