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So what is Sexual transmutation?


There are many definitions, for me, sexual transmutation is the act of transforming sexual energy into creativity, increased productivity, happiness, health, confidence and power.

What benefits come from practising sexual transmutation?

You may find yourself needing less sleep. You may experience more energy, or a willingness to get out of your house more often and interact with women.You may take up more creative endeavours, such as playing the guitar, writing poetry, painting, singing, dancing, or creativity towards business and personal objectives.

So what is sexual energy?

When I first started learning about this stuff, I did not understand the concept of “sexual energy”. One of the strongest desires for most people is to have sex.

It’s no surprise to say guys think about sex all the time.

If we are not thinking about sex, we are probably thinking about how to get more money, a better car, or more power so that we can attract and sleep with beautiful women.

How does sexual energy feel?

For me, the energy is often focused on the groin area, and has a pulsing sensation. I consider this the “raw” energy before transmutation. However, after an intense exercise of an hour or more, this feeling goes away and leads to a more refined and powerful feeling of confidence and alertness.

I do not expect everyone to experience this the same way I do. If you are interested in this process, I suggest you actively learn and experiment with this sexual energy on your own. It’s possible that your experience may vary greatly from what I’m writing.

Who will this work for?

Sexual transmutation works for all ages.

Yes, sexual transmutation. will work for women, although the technique is different. Women are more yin (to use the Chinese term). This means they are like water. When women orgasm, they do not generally lose sexual energy.

However, men (yang) are like fire. When we ejaculate, we lose energy and become more lethargic.

If you have a girlfriend or are married, this makes things more difficult. You can still have sex without ejaculating, which I’ll describe later. You can also practice this for just a few days at a time. I suggest you keep reading, and maybe you can also apply this methodology in your life.

Why should I not ejaculate?

When you do not ejaculate, you are building up a dam within yourself. This is an extremely powerful flowing river, possibly the strongest energy we contain as humans.

By not ejaculating for a period of time, you can refocus the flow of this dam to more creative means, such as exercising, art, business, and other fulfilling activities.

However, if you do not actively transmute this energy, the dam is too powerful and it will overtake you and draw you toward psychosis, depression, or other negative channels.

If you are feeling overwhelmed, then sometimes it is a good idea to just “let it go” and ejaculate. For me, I needed to get my body used to not ejaculating as often. This was a habit I had since childhood, and it took me a long time to break.

Would you rather a little 5-second “spurt” of pleasure, or a week of high intensity productivity?

Once you understand this simple point, it’s easy to go longer periods without the need to ejaculate.

Are sexual thoughts bad?

Personally, I do not see any problem with practicing Sexual Transmutation and also allowing your mind to freely engage in sexual thoughts.

Although there is some debate on this topic, my view is that it’s damaging (and potentially harmful) to suppress these natural, sexual thoughts.

You may find that your thoughts become colored with sexuality. Your speech may take on sexual connotations. This is normal. The sexual energy is simply finding new outlets of expression.

However, if these sexual thoughts are too powerful for you and leading you to masturbation and ejaculation, then you need to improve your will power.

When properly harnessed, sexual transmutation is like taking a drug that turbo charges your levels of motivation.


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  1. I like this your explanations, but i need more enlightenment on the sexual feelings

    Comment by Humphrey hillary | May 10, 2011

  2. experience is the best teacher it is what we call retreat resort recreation

    Comment by nwaekempi | November 1, 2012

  3. I personally try to enhance my own sexual charisma by doing something very similar to Sexual Transmutation. I find that if work out moderately (with 20% of my warkout usually intense) and do cardio, ab workouts and a weights four or five days a week, eat REALLY healthy, and abstain from too much masturbation that my sexual energy becomes so potent that women sense it IMMEDIATELY; my skin tone changes, and my voice and speech changes to sound mellifluous – seductive. When you combine that with good grooming and a charming personality you become unstoppably seductive! lol..

    Comment by seanithon789 | June 8, 2013

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