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Note: I’m about to talk about some stuff that’s pretty crazy, and as far as I can tell, hasn’t been seriously addressed before.

That said, this isn’t your answer. If you’re not living a life you enjoy, with a cool social life and as much sex as you’d like – this isn’t the answer. Focus on being positive, confident, and happy. Get some results, then maybe give this a read.

Alright, that said, I’ve made some observations over the past couple years. I’ve noticed that people walk in a certain way that’s extremely indicative of their value.

Basically, in short: People move out of the way of people they perceive as higher value than themself.

A quick list would include: Very beautiful women, people obviously very wealthy, taller people, very athletic people, big people in any capacity, people that look dangerous, and people that look like they command respect.

Now, most of those you can’t easily become. I mean, good luck becoming a “very beautiful woman”, guys. Likewise, becoming very wealthy isn’t something you decide is time to do this weekend.

But you CAN look like you command respect, and to a lesser extent, you can look dangerous if you want to.

Me, I first noticed these things when I’d go out peacocked. When I heavily decked myself out, EVERYONE would move out of the way for me. *EVERYONE*

Extremely beautiful women would get out of my way. So would tall guys, ripped guys, businessmen, whatever. Then the clothes would come off, and people didn’t move out of my way any more. In fact, I noticed that *I* was moving for people.

So, I decided to get to the bottom of it. What was I doing differently, and what were others doing differently when I was all dressed up?

Well, people were hesitant to make eye contact with me when I was dressed up. They slid out of the way as I passed through. It seemed like I held my head higher and my shoulders broader, and I strutted more.

Through a pattern of people moving for me, I’d become accustomed to it and EXPECT it.

So, I tried something crazy. I dressed very down for a day, and tried walking the same way I would when I was in some rhetro-crazy outfit. Results were interesting: Some people moved out of my way, some did not.

I kept playing with it, and I’m blushing a little as I write that I actually ran into some people. I was experimenting and playing around with getting people out of my way, and through the course of it, I started noticing the little patterns that got people to move.

First, the basics of bodylanguage: Chin up, eyes looking forward all the time. I don’t “look around” when I’m in an area… I let my peripheral vision take things in, so I don’t look like a starry-eyed tourist. No matter where I am, I’m not getting pegged as an easy mark by thieves and other miscrits.

I scan and evaluate everywhere I go. I’m looking for beautiful women, people that seem interesting, and trouble. The whole time, I’m usually wearing a slight knowing smile. I make eye contact with almost everyone, including guys a foot+ taller than me that were representing some gang.

I wouldn’t be standoffish. Just neutral as I did this.
Arms by my side, slow walk. Like a gunslinger… women have actually been able to recognize me from my walk, from behind, with me in generic clothes… One girl recognized me from behind six months after she’d last seen me, and my hair was a different color and much shorter, and I was wearing winter clothes that she’d never seen me in before.

Anyway, imagine Clint Eastwood. Slow, deliberate, dangerous movements. That’s the basic idea behind my walk, though I’ve unexagerrated it a bit recently.

Arms pushed out a little bit, the way a ripped guy would. I learned that part from when I used to be cut myself, and even though I’m not in incredible shape any more, I remember what it used to be like. Watch a bodybuilder’s arms sometime for the general idea.

Okay, so I’ve got good bodylanguage, and I walk slowly and deliberately. I scan crowds and make incidental eye contact with a lot of people. I never look down sunkenly, and rarely look around in a daze.

Now, getting people to move for you: Never move tentatively. Always pick a point and walk directly to it. If you’re not sure exactly the best way to get where you’re going, completely stop and think out your course, then start moving again.

Take up space. The Croatian crew has definitely repped this before, and it’s very true. I don’t go out of my way to artificially take up space, but I definitely don’t try to minimize myself.

The next part’s going to seem a little standoffish, so calibrate. Make sure you’re getting some basic respect before you try this.

One thing I noticed that high-value people will do when they expect someone to move for them- and something I caught myself doing- was half-stepping towards a person that you expect to move. Like, if two people are passing each other:


So one of them’s going to need to move a tiny bit. A low-value person will try to move completely out of the way. A mid-value person will move halfway out of the way. A high-value person will actually make a step TOWARDS the other person, very subtly, and watch the person cede even MORE space to them, and move MORE than they otherwise would have.

The full stop: If you and a person are walking head on into each other, say, you’ve just come through a doorway and they’re about to go through it.

One thing someone with high value will do is just COMPLETELY STOP. Then the other person will have to slink around them. After they’ve moved enough out of the way, the person with high value will continue on his way.

Cut ’em in half: I’ve noticed that people of very high value will walk right through a group of people of lesser value. Like, if there’s a group of four average girls walking down the street, a guy that thinks very highly of himself will usually walk right through the group instead of going around.

Traffic direction: I’ve definitely seen this and done it. One thing a guy of high value will do is subtly “direct traffic” sometimes. He’ll hold his hands up to stop people. If he wants someone to go through a door before him because he’s being polite, he’ll make a sweeping “go ahead” gesture with his hand.

Slow it down: When in doubt, slow down MORE, not less. If you’re moving slowly, the other person is responsible for fixing the situation before you are. Most people aren’t confident, and want to resolve a potentially jarring situation quickly. If they almost run into someone, they speed WAY up. What you should do is slow WAY down, be unbothered by it all.

If you’re running into people, you’re doing it wrong. I definitely went through that phase when figuring this shit out, but if you project the image that you’re to be respected and that you shouldn’t be fucked with, people should be moving.

Now, for me, it’s all become subconscious. I’m not thinking about manipulating people’s walking patterns as I move around through the world. It’s all who I am: Most people move for me. If someone doesn’t, no big deal, I move gracefully and keep my stride.

The biggest application for PUA’s with this is to not move for beautiful women. The woman’s not even going to think consciously about it, but you’re going to be letting her know on a subconscious level that you’re of very high value.

On the off chance you do crash into someone while learning, just smile and apologize. If they linger, it’s okay to pat them on the back or shoulder, just do it respectfully. If the person really starts to get heated, and they’re thinking they’re of the gangster variety, something like, “Hey, my bad, man. No disrespect intended” in a solid, unwavering voice has always been enough to resolve the situation for me. It gives them an out to keep their manliness, but doesn’t show weakness that they can attack.

There’s little applications to this everywhere. I’ve definitely noticed something similar on the subway in Boston. See, I love people and all, but I don’t like people in my space unless they’re someone I’ve got love for. So, I used to move a little bit over when a random person would sit too close to me on the train.

Wrong move. The person would invariably move into the space I just vacated, and now they’d still be intruding into my space: And I’d have less space to be sitting in.

Now, as soon as I sit down on a train, I take up all my space, and don’t move for *anyone* (exceptions being the elderly, handicapped people, and pregnant women: I’m ‘alpha’ and whatever, but I’m not a total dick). Anyway, this cavalier attitude of owning the train is enough to have people respect my personal space and not try to intrude on it.

You can definitely have fun playing with this stuff, or even just using it to observe people and peg their value and self-esteem.

Also, a last, cool note: Ever seen a romantic story where two people start both trying to move for each other repeatedly, and one of them makes a joke about how they’re dancing, then they wind up dating?

It actually happens. Reason being, both people think the other one is of higher value, so they both think they’re getting a catch. This is mostly a subconscious thing, but that combined with the moment of mandatory interaction from the “dancing”… it actually happens.

Make sure you get the basics going on before you even think about this. This is a little thing you can play with after you’ve got a solid foundation, and is by no means the holy grail. But if you’ve got some good results going on, you can definitely work on your walking patterns. If you’re going to be seeing me in person sometime coming up, feel free to ask for a little demo. It’s some crazy stuff to see.


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  1. “Cut ‘em in half: I’ve noticed that people of very high value will walk right through a group of people of lesser value. Like, if there’s a group of four average girls walking down the street, a guy that thinks very highly of himself will usually walk right through the group instead of going around.”

    haha i walked throught a COUPLE a couple days ago….
    my friends were cracking up….i didnt even do it on purpose i just maintained my ground and they didnt know what to do it was funny they each went a seperate way

    anyways i was told when people move they are just being ‘nice’ and it doesnt mean your higher value…thats what an instructor told me…w/e

    btw i love your blog!

    Comment by cagalindo | November 18, 2008

  2. Thank you DONATELLO, I live in Romania, Eastern Europe, an ex communist country which still carries the burden of uneducated, agressive and low class people due to the communist lack of social education from 1946 to 1989 when the system ended.

    For very long time I struggled how to carry myself when agressive females – males don’t want to move out of my way, a daily situation in Romania.

    Thank you for your article, that’s it!!!
    But please be aware, people tend to get stubborn NOT TO MOVE OUT of OUR WAY only because they are inferior physically or socially, just out of frustration and craving to fight US after bumping into them.

    Comment by Peter | August 14, 2010

  3. I do everything mentioned in thy article as second nature eh, 😉 ,Vj-

    Comment by Vjdavamp | July 21, 2011

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