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Open your energies and give her space.

Ever been thrown off by an independent woman? Of course. You know how it feels.

Even after overcoming my neediness and valuing natural women instead of socially developed ones, I’d still feel thrown off around beautiful and independent socially distorted women. I had to listen to the way I feel for a long time to figure this one out.

So what is it you are feeling when there’s an independent woman around?

Every one of us has the power to shape our reality by the way we feel. These women throw the vibes of “all these needy guys want me” because that’s the life they’ve been conditioned to live.

When you are around her, you are part of her reality (and vice-versa) so you get affected by her vibes and you resist it, thus you become responsive to it, thus it affects how you feel and you lose your power.

How should you handle it then?

You ARE sharing a reality while being around her so there’s no point to resist it. Resisting it is what gives it power over you and builds up a wall between the two of you.

Accept being part of her reality of “all these needy guys want me” and keep your energies open. The walls between you and her go down and you share reality.

Here’s the cool part. Her energies are tighten up while your energies are relaxed and open. It will interact in some way. Open energies that feel good are MUCH stronger than closed energies, so she will be drawn into your reality.

She will be drawn into your reality and instantly become comfortable around you, without walls. Good vibes are contagious.

Accept her vibes and be vulnerable. The flexible will always dominate the rigid. Water will always shape valleys because it is flexible and unbreakable.

Try it out and let me know what happens!


December 30, 2010 - Posted by | Inner Game

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