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This is a Mens dating advice  blog for all men seeking to improve their dating experiences. What also makes this different is that it is multi-media informative blog and unlike other blogs or sites not aimed at the art of seducing or cheating women but to self development, improving ones dating experiences.

Please bare in mind that this is only the beta version

Thanks in advance & happy reading.

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  1. This is an awesome site. So much good info

    Comment by Gary | November 2, 2010

  2. I like your site and would like to know more about you. I’m terribly socially inexperienced with women, but I’m working on it and hopefully the nervousness will dissipate with time. But the reason I like your blog is that this idea that I should sleep with as many women as possible makes me somewhat uncomfortable. I just can’t relate to this idea, and it was precisely the reason why I couldn’t relate to dating in high school. Now I’m 23 years old and ruined two attempts with two different women because I’m just too nervous for my age. But your site addresses the right problems and makes clear that it’s about more then sex. I’m afraid that I will give up a important portion of who I am if I give in to this idea that I should have sex with as many women as possible. I just want to meet the women I’m attracted to and make them attracted to me if they feel the same way.

    Maybe it’s possible for you to share a thing or two about yourself, feel free to leave some comments about yourself and how you tackled your nervousness problems. My mail is attached to this message.

    Comment by Mohd | July 16, 2015

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