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Sexual transmutation an introduction

The philosophy that I promote falls in-between two self-development movements without fitting into any.

1. Seduction community: They are focused on satisfying their
sexual desires and sacrifice their authenticity.
2. Spiritual community: They develop themselves spiritually to
improve every aspect of life and mostly skip their sexuality.

Some people may wonder… if I am teaching spiritual development
and improving every aspect of life, why am I so focused on

We are actually doing sexual transmutation. We are channeling our sexual energy to make profound changes into our lives. Napoleon Hill talks about Sexual Transmutation in his famous book Think and Grow Rich. Sex is a very powerful force of life. Our sexual energy is grounded to the Earth and our love energy is grounded to the Universe, so in some way we could say that sexuality is half of life. That’s why it is so important. That’s why we want to solve this so badly. That’s why it is so powerful.

Your sexual energy can lead you to leave everything behind and to travel. It can motivate you to bring profound changes into your
life. It can guide you to be with some people instead of other people.

You can also transmute your sexual energy into creativity. It can bring you inspiration to compose some of the finest music or to
paint some of the most beautiful drawings. It can bring you strength to build projects and businesses. It can bring you motivation to follow your dreams to the very end.

Sexuality and sexual energy is a very powerful force that you can use to move your life forward in all areas

The fundamental premise of both Alchemy and Tantra is the transformation of energy. If one considers that the foundation of the spiritual work is to achieve a transformation of one’s own “psyche” or soul, it then becomes evident that this foundation is elaborated within alchemical and tantric works. In reality, tantra and alchemy are the same exact thing.

The most potent transformation of a system occurs by utilizing its most concentrated center of energy, and within the physical organism this center is precisely located at the sex. For this reason, the transmutation of sexual energy is the basis of all physical, psychological and spiritual transformation. This is a tremendous key that lies hidden at the center of every sacred tradition.

The Seal of Solomon or the Star of David is a tantric symbol found throughout the world. The triangle is the fundamental geometrical construct, and it represents the three primary forces of creation: positive, negative, and neutral. These three forces exist within any cosmos, including the human being, itself being the microcosmos. Joining together equal but oppositely polarized triangles produces the transformation of energy that is tantrism itself. Physically this is the union of man and woman, yet it is a process that reverberates throughout all the levels of existence, within all the creative cosmoses.

In general society today sexuality is understood in a very gross and material fashion. Only when it is comprehended that sexuality is anterior to the act between a man and a woman – and far beyond the lusts of sensation that it is normally associated with – can the true meaning of tantrism be known. Tantrism is not “sex” as far as this term is understood by society, yet, at its root there is no way to deny that tantrism is nothing more than a sophisticated term for sexuality. Indeed it is true that the union of man and woman is tantric, yet so is the union of wisdom and compassion, or the skillful union of willpower and imagination which forms the basis of meditation. Therefore, tantrism is the science of harnessing the energy that forms from the crossing of elements.

Types of Sexuality

There are three fundamental classes of sexuality:

1. Suprasexuality: Characterized by the transmutation of sexual energy, the pinnacle of which is the type of functioning that prophets such as Buddha, Jesus, Krishna, Mohammad, etc. possess. Their bodies, minds, and spirits are the outcome of incessant and innumerable sexual transmutations. They perfectly transform each moment of existence, thus they perfectly perceive the true nature of all cosmic phenomena.

2. Normal sexuality: The functioning related with the procreation of the species where no psycho-sexual conflict exists.

3. Infrasexuality: The functioning of any and all forms of fornication or sexual misconduct. Including: masturbation, adultery, and homosexuality. This area is divided by the Kabbalah into the spheres of Lilith and Nehamah.


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  1. Very helpful and useful…I’m interested in knowing MORE! I sense sexual energy can also transmute into healing and renewing oneself and ones life circumstances…LIKE SPRING !! I’M SUPER EXCITED: )

    Comment by stardust317 | July 28, 2014

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