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Just do it, but don’t force it.

I find that most people think way too much, or even fixate a lot upon the variouse stages of getting girls, such as “opening” “attracting” “rapporing” stages of the process, what in fact happens in when you tend to focus upon something and not just go ahead and do it anyway you tend to self defeat yourself.

Example: Remeber when you focused too much upon opening when you were a newbie? or even before you found the seduccion community? what happened? you focused too much upon opening and in fact you could nt open..self destruction by the sub-conciouse mind, and dont doubt for one minute that your subconciouse mind wont sabotage your desires for success, as your desires (to change to move from the confort zone) really come from the conciouse mind, the subconcoiuse mind is and tends to be happier with the “status quo”  so forcing something really doesnt get what happened when you focused or even worried too much about the attraction phase of the process? did you get attraction? probably not and probably because you focused too much upon that even tryed too hard to get her to even just like you, trying to get her attracted and she sensed that you were having to put in such an effort and probably (in my opinion) sensed some kind of inner weakness, a lack of self confidence or esteeme after all just trying or even being focused on making or getting someone to like you is comming from a position of weakness..

So the big question arises is effort related to success? If so how much?

Ok, I will answer this question..yes effort is related to success, directly so! but wait a minute Mr Donatello you just said that putting in effort gets little or no results when comming to attraction-rapport-opening-closing. So let me put it this way, the LESS you try the more you get, its directly IMPROPORTIONAL, the more you try the less results you get, so the less you try the more you will get.

its really that easy….pure and simple!

having Posted that old Bending post realting to attraction…I found that still most did not fully understand what I was trying to communicate, what I mean really was in quite simple and real terms do very little, in fact dont even try to do something
just quite simply project caracteristics that women find very attractive in men, caracteristics that you have in built within you and then just quite simply focus on the interaction with the girls in question, and not get too tecnical or worry about such things as Kino or even bodylanguage, as naturally with clearness of mind and confidence that will naturally come as the subconciouse mind will know what to do. Having had the discusson with Ranko ( about does the subconciouse mind know everything..I say so, He however disagreed, what we both agreed upon was that the sunconciouse mind does know enough to get laid! so go Take advantage of that fact!..

If anyone is still in doubt about putting less effort into the attraction fase, focus on the Mystery method, or styles anihilation method, both of which spend very little time in the attraction phase, nt he the one that says its Rapport that gets girls and not the attraction. The method of dating confidence by Attract&Date is that you communicate and sub-communicate caracteristics that women are pre programmed to find attractive, in short if you dont get the girl, its NOT because of XYZ reason or there is something wrong with her, (that in short is an excuse) its because there is something wrong with you, maybe your charm simply was not strong enough.

Putting it easily open strongly, (comming from the position of power) with a compliment, transition to getting her to talk about short tell her what she wants to hear! and after that just focus upon the interaction, no rutines, no methods no nothing! just make her feel good about herself, simply just being herself, be ballsy tell her why you like her, what you find attractive about her..cos I´ll bet no one has ever opened or approached her like that ever! It will boost her self esteem and perhaps she will feel a sigh of relief “finally a real man!” ; of these feeling she will be anchoring them (associating) to you.

as for rapport…well guess what..your natural at that nt that how you got or made friends in the first place, Im pretty sure you did not use methods or rutines to get friends…every single friend that you have had or ever had, was down to rapport and your rapport skills, which is natural as we human beings are social animals..


December 28, 2010 - Posted by | Attraction, Inner Game

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