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Do women behave unnaturally?

I know right from the start that this is going to be a very controversial article, but in order to understand our modern social dynamics it must be looked at.

Before I say too much I want to once again acknowledge that strong independent women have added a lot of value and have indeed become a strong fiber of our nation and who we are as a people.

This empowerment however truly is a double-edged sword. When it comes down to a long-term relationship or marriage, a woman who has her own independence essentially becomes a dueling force with her husband.

All of a sudden it is the man who is supposed to be in line with his wife and often just has to cater to all of her demands and needs. It is not really a woman’s fault necessarily for how she became who she is, it is just the reality that we have to deal with.

It is the natural and biological role for the man to be the head of the house, however some interesting things have happened in the past three decades. Women today have more freedom and opportunity than ever before in history of modern society here and now.

Because of a woman’s now inherent character and behavior, any man who chooses to be any relationship with her for a longer-term, is going to have to put up with a lot more drama than really is natural. This is the dilemma of millions of men today.

A woman is sometimes so strong in her own character and independence, that she will easily lead the family instead of the man. I know of several families specifically that are like this personally. They really is a role reversal and is not natural; but as long as one person really is the head of the house then at least there is some semblance of balance.

This is not just a hard-core traditionalist approach, rather I want to tell you from the universal perspective of objectiveness. I’m not saying definitely whether it is right or wrong that a woman can wear the pants in the family, but I want you to the side for yourself what kind of man you are and what you want to put up with in the future.

If you end up or choose to be with one of these strong independent women, you are going to have a lot more oppression in your life than you realize, I can guarantee it. It is not in a man’s inherent nature and been to be held back and repressed from his role as head of the household and provider.

So many families today, the woman is the one in control and the man is just feeling more and more like the screen door hit him on the way out. The fact that our media portrays this, as men being incompetent buffoons, truly cements this role reversal. And it is quite pathetic I think.

If you are married, I do not want to give you advice but you are responsible for the decisions you make and hopefully you can still communicate a lot and make things work. However many married men are finding they are in way too deep into a situation that really does not feel natural to them.

My words of advice if you will are that, it is NOT natural. However we still have to live with these women, if we have already chosen that.

You could say that this is a pessimistic view, but someone needs to bring it up because there is a reason we have a 50% divorce rate and no one is talking about the real reason why.

Entire lives and families are destroyed founded upon a woman’s empowerment and independence, let me repeat again that independent women, although they have a lot of drama have added a lot of value (unparalleled value) to our society and the world.

Relationships today have become part of this 50-50 relationship dynamic in which both the man and woman tried to balance things out. Now a woman has more demands and expectations than ever before in history, this makes it harder for them and to just do his part of being head of the household when she is always nagging on about something.

So if you are still a single man, I strongly encourage you to think about the consequences of being with one of these women and a long-term relationship. Though I bet this is going to piss a lot of women off but you know what? For your sake and the sake of All men it needs to be said.

You should have the full right to determine and choose your life path without having to give in to a woman’s demands which are based on unnatural foundations.

I think all men have the right to come home and not hear about not stop nagging about small little details of inconsequential things. No matter what these women will say to counteract what I am sane, that just proves that they really are coming from their own independence and perception of the world as they know it.

Little do they realize or even respect the fact that most of the women in the world, (although not as developed psychologically or motivationally), would be happy just to be their natural role of a mother while the man takes care of providing for the family.

They cannot imagine that these traditional women would let men get away with some of the things they do; the sad reality is that men are letting women get away with some of the things they do (which is unnaturally founded).

It is not the natural role for a woman to wear the pants in the family. So decide for yourself where you stand on this issue, and think about the consequences of being in a long-term relationship with a very independent woman.

It is about time that men understand what is going on, and take back their power. Maybe at this point women will really respect men for finally standing up.

“Maybe I will be that caveman style man and just dominate a girl and have a one night stand with her but, in the long run, I don’t want to have a girlfriend who is totally dominated by me.”

there is nothing caveman about a man fullfilling his biological nature of being the leader of the realtionship, head of the family or the decition maker, niether was anything mentioned about totally dominating women, mearly that 50-50 (% wise) realtions dont work.

“I prefer to date a girl who has independent characteristics “

you better be prepared for a lot of unneccesary drama my friend!….¿ever wondered why women throw childish tantrums just to get the (or your) attention, like a small child throwing its toys out of the pram?
besides a natural “alpha female” is submissive due to bilogical and physiclogical nature (can you be the leader of a realtionship (i.e. more that 50% control) while having to allow something to enter your body?.
a womans natural role is that of submission to the dominante male and of nuturing and caring for the home and family. the natural biological role of a man is that of the provider, how often do you see in nature (100%) where the female is in the den looking after the den (home) and caring for the offspring and the male is the one that brings the food (i.e. goes hunting, brings the kill home) for the whole family to enjoy?

over the years as we gave more and more equall rights to women (and correctly so, (just not in relationships!)) to women more and more modern relationships went down the plughole..divorce rate rose, (i say 50-50 relationship = 50% divorce rate!). During our grandparents generation divorse was almost unheard of! my grandmother still talks to my grandfather today, 2 years after he passed away.. now a days we have realtionships where it is not unheard of the throwing of electro-domestics from one to the other?.

On the topic of the despical crime of domestic violence, that is also upon the increase and juvinile crime, bothe of which were almost non-existent only a century ago, when both women and men knew their natural biological roles. In my opinion domestic violence occurs when the man is being his natural self, the head of the house hold, and the women also the head (due to her modern day social programming) what occurs is a clasic power struggle the woman tries to be the one “que manda” (un natural) due to her reading in the cosmopolitian magazine and diario de patricia, her friends (social programming) that its the woman that leads the realtionship, when that happens we can have a bitter power struggle when neither side conceeds, the breakdown of a relationship (LTR, Marriage) and potentially domestic violence. All because neither the male nor the female knew their natural roles.

Raising juvinile crime?? ok we have had women in the work place for some 70 years or so, that is ok by me, how ever did the latch key generation begin?  who is at home to look after the children and educate them of the wrongs and rights of life, what is acceptable behaviour or not? yep you guessed it mama was out at work being her husbands social equall to confirm to what is considered to be social normal. juvinle crime was extreemly rare 100 years ago when both man women knew their natural and biological roles in life.


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  1. Hi Donatello,

    I think you raise some interesting points.

    I have not experienced much of what you have discussed, would you be willing to give some specific examples from your experience or some form of evidence/basis to explain exactly what you mean or how you came to these conclusions.

    “Because of a woman’s now inherent character and behavior, any man who chooses to be any relationship with her for a longer-term, is going to have to put up with a lot more drama than really is natural”

    Specifically what behaviour?

    Define drama & natural.

    I think it’s natural to defecate squatting on the ground, however most people I know prefer the less natural method of finding a toilet.

    “If you end up or choose to be with one of these strong independent women, you are going to have a lot more oppression in your life than you realize, I can guarantee it. It is not in a man’s inherent nature and been to be held back and repressed from his role as head of the household and provider.”

    Opression, how so?

    I don’t understand what you mean by strong independent woman or head of the houshold, these terms are ambiguous, need to be defined.


    I have every intention of getting married and when my husband & I have children, staying at home to bring them up. I have a job now, yes, I save money now for a head start. I am strong, yes. Independent, no. I do not believe it is possible for any person to be independent, think how many thousands of people contributed to the computer I’m typing on, the room I am sitting in, the bed I sleep on. Even I needed 2 people to make me and they needed 2 each. Upon consideration, it becomes very clear no man is ever independent. (by “man” I mean mankind as in women too)

    I was with my ex for 14 months, he threw regular “tantrums” (shouted, cried, threw things at me, hit me). I am very calm, I don’t yell, I don’t tell people what to do, my goal is always win-win, I want everyone to be well.

    I do not believe your theory on domestic violence, my experience:

    Once he had his freshly cleaned washing in the dirty laundry hamper, I put a single dirty sock in there (I didn’t know it was clean) he yelled at me, dragged me out of bed, called me names.

    I saw a txt message in his phone to his ex girfriend, he asked her to come over and give him a massage, he shouted at me & called me names for asking him about it.

    I once said in response to a discussion about the roads semi-trailers are allowed to drive on “What would you like to happen with this” in response and he hit me, threatened me & threatened my family.

    When his parents went overseas, the first night I offered to get take-away & bring him dinner, he accepted, I asked him what he wanted, he said whatever, I got him Greek food because there’s a good take-away near by and it is similar to what his Mum would make since his background is mediteranian & I thought he may be missing his family. He shouted at me, called me names, refused to eat & kicked me out of his home.

    There were many more.

    I used to judge too, I used to think the women must have done something wrong, why doesn’t she just leave, people dont get angry for no reason etc.

    I was so, so mistaken in so many ways.

    I think if you havent experienced domestic violence, you have no idea and no right to judge.

    If you have experienced it, speak from your experience, I would be interested to hear that.

    If you’re interested there’s a movie that I felt had a fairly real to life depiction of domestic violence “We once were warriors” & the sequel “What becomes of the broken hearted”.

    All the best,


    Comment by Louisa | January 11, 2011

  2. head of the household is not ambiguous, at least not in the natural world. Both males & females have to be in their polar opposites, like a magnet or indeed yin-yang.

    But natural I refer to what is natural for us as humans, as a species biologically. Women are the barer and bringers of children. It is evedent in the natural world be it in the oceans or the planes of the Serengeti, the female bares children, looks after them where the males are the hunters & providers.

    In humans modern (western) society has changed this over the past half century where females are taking on traditional males characteristics and the men (many of them) taking on traditional female characteristics. It is really nature Vs nuture, where the “wussie” submissive male is not natural as is the dominant go getter female (Independent women). Both were learned through nurture and is not in their natural characters.

    The oppression occurs when the female tries to take what goes against the natural character of the male to be the leader and head of the household and take control and move away from her natural feminine polar energy (qi) and towards that of the masculine polar. The natural response of the male is to fight back (I dont mean physically, but unfortunately that does happen) and take control of the relationship, it becomes a battle between the natural male & the nurtured female, both being on the same energy polar, out of balance of with the yin-yang relationship. If the male submits his place and allows to be dominated by the female, well we all know that can lead to end of the relationship, as lets face it women really dont respect men that they can give the run around, a boy toy or wussie.

    Sex, cannot occur without a women allowing a man to enter her body. In a psycho-sexuality way the women has to be the submissive one with the male being the dominant one. I know there are many position where the female is the dominant role in the activity, cow girl for example, but she still has to submit and allow something to enter her body.

    As society has changed and women (and men) have moved away from their natural characters the divorce rate has gone up. Some what 66% of marriages end up in divorce that is 2 out of every 3. We have more singles today than any other time in human history.
    I´m not blaming neither male nor females, just pointing out that many are and have become out of sync with their natural in born characters.

    By natural, I refer to character not actions taken such as taking a poop in the woods or non wearing of make up. It in fact is very natural for females to preen themselves in order to attract a mate, it happens in the animal kingdom and natural world.

    Win-win relationships are exactly what they are win-win, but are also why many relationships fail also as one only stays in that relationship as long as it is good form them; if they no longer get something out of it some benefit it ceases to be win-win. This is tree for personal or business relationships. Most certainly not what I would base a relationship on.

    I see that you are young intelligent, attractive Independent go getter career girl, successful in all areas of your life yet you have huge
    difficulties with your relationships with men. Which really emphasises my point on Independent women.

    I think you would do well if you grounded your energies to the female polar to return more to your natural character as opposed to the
    nurtured character. Trust me you will really enjoy the benefits that Shakti Meditation brings.

    I just for the record do not blame women at all for the break down of relationships a lot of men do not know what the natural character of females are which is why I also recommend Shakti Meditation for them.

    Just some how, somewhere in our post modern society we have lost touch with our natural characters, which is why we have so many troubled
    relationships take my grand mother she still talks to my grand father long after he has died yet today we have couples throwing domestic appliances at each other.

    I recommend Blue lagoon and the return to the blue lagoon & if you are interested, to read the book The power principle, how to influence with honour by Blaine Lee; In this book Blaine Lee explains the limitations and benefits of each type of relationship including coercive, win-win and influencing with honour.

    Best wishes,


    Comment by Donatello | January 14, 2011

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