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Why trying to be the alpha may not be so good.

If you focus on the problem, the it is not going to work (or be more difficult/take longer to overcome). This occurs because you are focusing on the actual problem at hand. If you focus on the solution to the problem after first accepting it, then you will find it relatively easy (or much easier) to overcome as your mind is focused on the positive aspect instead of the negative. The difference is in the energy.

Personally I don´t understand all this stuff in the community about becoming the alpha male or being the alpha male. You do not have to be alpha in order to get girls. Some guys I know are most definitely not alpha but get girls like crazy. Of the guys that have talked with the local lair only one struck me as being alpha.  Beside who are the ones in the community that are telling you have to be Alpha in order to get girls or talk a lot about the alpha male? Mystery? Style? Mario Luna? Etc Etc..note that these guys were pretty poor with girls to begin with (by their own admittion).

Besides an alpha is leader not a follower, which begs the question why follow their methods?

Rather than idolising the phenomena of the alpha male why not just be yourself and while you are there being yourself  be the best that you can be at the same time. Being a clone will not bring you success, however being yourself will.

You might do well if you ask yourself empowering questions  day and night like “How would I walk If I believed I could make a woman feel great on the inside?”; “How would I talk If I believed I could make a woman feel great on the inside?”; “How would I act if I was the type of guy that women dreamed about?” note the wording is positive & inspires positive thoughts & responses to the questions and does not at all leave you dwindling on the negative. Like I said the difference is in the energy (& the focus). I´m sure you can make your own empowering questions.

Besides if you are trying to become something you are living in the future. If you are comparing yourself to the past of how you were then you are living in the past. Nothing ever happened in the future or in the past (hows that for a paradox) it happened in the now. So let go of the past, don´t worry about the future. Let the future take care of itself. Be carefree and live in the now, this very moment. Just make occasional visits to the past and future when necessary. Just live in this very moment and just “be”. We are not humans doing or humans becoming, we are human beings.

Wayne “Juggler” Elise “I am not the alpha male & I don´t want to be one. It is not who I am – so why try and force a false persona onto some girl” 11th March 2009 at the Barcelona Lair.


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