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This is essentially the same thing I have been talking about here forever, focus, what have you. I post when I learn a little bit more about how to explain that special thing that lets me live my life. The nature of this special thing is really beyond the reach of our language and ingrained system of beliefs, so I take little opportunities like the inspiration I just had to try again to explain it.

Every person you communicate with regularily you have a ‘voice’ for. Check yourself, see if you can understand what I mean by that. It’s like a personality mode, set to the person you are talking to, tuned to past good topics and senses of humor, tuned away from bad ones. You also have a voice for strangers – a certain personality mode you snap into when talking to them, again tuned to past good topics with other strangers.

Some examples of this in real life: the person that you only find out is actually really funny once you’ve known them for a few weeks, every time you’ve ever had two separate groups of friends of yours meet and you get that awkward feeling, etc.

The voice is a creation of yours, and people like us suffer(ed) because no one taught us how to create a “talking to ladies” one. We come here and we study how to make one, how to make a good one, how to improve them, etc.

Anyway, this special “thing” I always talk about, is just – NOT using any of those voices. Not using any ‘personality mode’. Now, to relate this with what I have previously talked about – an example of a situation where you naturally don’t use a voice is when you are truly focused, using a voice is a REACTIVE thing (reactive to the presence of someone in your presence), being socially lazy is an example of blatantly not using a voice, etc.

Basically, what I want you to do is take a snapshot of yourself right now. Alone, probably pretty confident that no one is going to pop in and look at your computer screen, you have possibly masturbated in the last few hours or are planning to soon (I am), etc. Now think about what would happen if someone walked in.. (and, now, this is deep shit I am getting into, don’t delve into this unless you feel you are mentally stable), you would snap into a voice, and it would probably be a ‘hey buddy, Im kind of doing my own thing here’ voice. And you would have no idea that you were even doing it – but every response, every bodily shift would be tuned to all the times in the past that conversations have started and ended quickly. You would probably yawn, lean against the wall, be very quick to respond in laughter or validation and very unlikely to start any new topics of conversation. And conciously you have NO idea that you are doing any of these things – all you are CONCIOUSLY doing is talking to your buddy and wanting him to leave. THATS the voice.

Now, the thing about the voice is that it does not use your whole brain.. this is the reason for every stupid thing you’ve ever said in conversation that you’ve wondered later “why did I think it was a good idea to say that?” – well, you didnt THINK. You just used the voice. Why is it we tend to say more stupid things when trying to impress women? Well, not a very well developed voice.. lots of holes in it.

And if you have gotten what I meant by “the voice”, or the personality mode, you will also see that you have one for literally every aspect of your social life. Your clothes, your style, your hair included. This is why your parents think it is so funny to hear you when you are talking on the phone to one of your buddies and why they made fun of your metal t-shirts in high school. This is why you’ve been an asshole to your best friends while in the presence of cooler people.

Picture this – you are in a given place, anywhere, X, let’s just say it is talking to a girl. Now imagine that, inside your head, you are in the EXACT same mental state as YOU ARE, RIGHT NOW. You, sitting on your computer. I mean, it’s almost incomprehensible, I know. But, there it is – that is why you are still failing, still reading advice on the internet – because if you were successful enough in life so far that you felt comfortable enough naturally to not have to only use half your brain, not have to use a tuned conversation machine while talking to someone, you would BE alpha. You would actually BE an alpha male.. thats what alpha males ARE.

When the way you act correlates 100% to what YOU, RIGHT NOW, actually think, well, that’s alpha. Congrats, buddy, no more faking it, you ARE alpha. And, all that goes with that. Including women, and any social group, etc. And being a leader.

And well, basically, everything I have ever talked about.

“Do you have any pointers on HOW to speak with only one voice? Or to get closer to doing so?”

Let me first say it is Hard, there will Always be moments of weakness, too.

The first thing I did, and this made such a difference in my life that I have spent the last year posting about what I have learned from doing this, is really SLOWED DOWN my thought process while in conversation. I briefly imposed a rule on myself, and I still use this rule when I am feeling weak, to always wait 2 seconds before responding in any way in a conversation. I just count “1,2” in my head and then respond.

This allowed me the time to check all the auto-responses such as instantaneous laughter or other forms of validation, and it also let the things I say be more related to what I was thinking than what was just popping out of my head.

The result is, I only laugh at jokes that are funny, I don’t laugh nervously, and everything I say is well thought out. It also helped me slow down my rate of speech, and consequently my mumbling problem. And these things started a chain reaction of confidence-competence-confidence-competence, until I got to the point where I was fairly happy with myself and could really just stop putting effort into really any socialities. Which means I am happier, lazier, and also means I tend to become the leader of groups and women tend to fall in love with me.

It’s all about the inner-game. I think some of the “veterans” of seduction have come to realize that it’s a lot more important to understand the roots of successful communication rather than the appearances of it.
Sure, we all see what’s going on on the outside of a successful seducer, but for the untrained eye, it’s hard to see what’s happening at a deeper level.


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