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Alpha Male manners by Don.

The writer of this article is not a native English speaker. Some corrections have be made by myself. Otherwise this article is very much unedited.

Don is one of the most magnificent seducers that I have ever seen or likely to see. A real raw natural that lives a lifestyle with girls that is quite frankly like Hollywood.

The original article appeared in the Barcelona Lair (WWW.BCNLAIR.COM).

Don´t force never a woman to do anything ( only communicate her where you wanna go). Don´t put her in a situation of unconfortableness, she needs to have a good memory, that she had a good time when she is not with you. She needs to be free and the conversations has to be natural, she needs to talk to you because she wants to, not because the situation requires it. She won´t be natural when she is under pressure, avoid this.

Talk to her, let her know that you are interested, but more important is that you get known yourself, that she gets to know you, she knows the way you think, your gestures, your smiles your thoughts, she knows just yourself and that is what you want. You can do that , don´t show interest after she knows you, because then you give her the opportunity to ask you if you feel ok, or if something happens and that creates emotions for you  it doesn´t matter what emotions, the important thing is that she has them, because then you have emotional connection, But it depends of the situation it is, not every woman has the same character, they can react differently.

You cannot programm their emotions. Its like cooking you put the same ingredients, and always it tastes a little different. You cant control their emotions, you can only communicate with their emotions, and then you can guide her to what you desire from her. When you go to a date, both know that its not only for going for a beer, so you can feel free on showing her what you want. And then it depends on you, fuckbuddie, long term short term , whatever. You need to know that from the first time you look into her eyes, because from that moment you act based on what you want from her.

I dont talk about routines, I talk about your being, you know you want her only for fuckbuddie, instinctively you won´t be the nicest guy of the world, you don´t feel like that, you want to have her in your bed and nothing more, so you have that behavior automatically, everything you do.

If you feel relaxed when you know her, feel relaxed, if you feel bad, its ok, that’s you, it doesn´t matter. You don´t need to be your own slave, just do what you like to do with her, if you really want to go to dinner with her, or only having a cocktail at a bar, or go to the beach, it doesn´t matter, nothing is better than the other, as long as it is a thing you want to do with her, because you really like to do it with her, is much more powerful, than going to a pub instead of going to a disco (what you really would like to do) only because a routine says that its better, nobody can know your own situation but yourself.

Work on yourself, on your life ( the girls are the minor problem, you find girls everywhere, they are there as a part of your life. They come and go. Try to imagine the man you want to be, and do everything to be that man you want to be, the girls are a part of the cake, but not the whole cake. You can invite her to dinner and pay.. why not? if it makes you happy, than do it .

And if she says something, you can say that she can pay the cocktails, if she likes, at the disco or bar after dinner. That shows her that you respect it, that she is a free and independent creature, and that it is fair from your point of view.

That is a neutral basis for both, you need to give her space and freedom, without having the feelings of being overprotected. You can show her that you are a gentlemen and a man, without overdoing it. I don´t always open doors for the girls, but often, but I do it in a way a father would do it for his daughter.You If you feel free with her, she will also do, and then she shows you (subconsciously with her mimic and gestures and everything) what you really want to see.

The best thing is when a girl is natural with you, when she feels comfortable, free, easy, when she can be spontaneous, but if you are not on the same wavelength with her, because she needs to strain herself only to have a good convo, this will be uncomfortable for her, and she will remember that. If you want to know her, you need also make it possible for her to know you. You don´t need to show a woman nothing, you don´t need to force no situation. You go on a date and you don´t show interest? Why you go on a date then?  One thing is showing interest, and the other thing is that you want to get her to do something programmed, girls are no robots. The fun is when it happens from by itself.

Let yourself  be surprised by life.


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