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Life is a party

People don´t understand that getting girls, long term, short term, one night or whatever is part of your life. But with that I don´t mean it should be like that. You don´t need to do that to full fill your life. Before getting girls, you need to have your life. The girls come by themselves, they are only a part of it. It just something that accompanies you. If you go to a club, don´t focus on the girls, focus on your party, do your party, make your thing, be yourself, just have fun, enjoy it,  just being there, be free with yourself, live it. Don´t search for it. Don´t search to get laid that night, or find the woman of your life. Just let it happen, it comes by itself to your world, to your life while you are living it. When you are free having fun either by yourself or with your friends, You have felt it in your own skin, and you can´t forget it because it was real, that was yourself. You find that as you are free girls want to be free with you also – they are also just there having fun with their friends.

I have read on the web page of one guru that he offers a 365 days tour for one million dollars. What do you think he will do the most time with you? I think…. Party. Just showing you that life can be a party.

When I do party the girls are secondary, they are included when you go party You don´t get girls in to your life, they are in your life. They are already there.

That does n´t mean that if you see a Pretty girl you don´t go there and say something to her.


You are sitting on a bar at the beach front, you drink a good coffee, the sun is shining in the clear blue sky, you are watching out at the beach, girls in bikini´s, palm trees, the ocean, you stand up and walk a little bit on the beach front, to go to get your newspaper at a shop, you are standing there inside people there you are waiting for your turn and think to yourself  “damn busy in here” and there she stands at your left, a beautiful blonde , 1,80m , good body… what do you think I would do?  I can´t tell you what I would do , but I can tell you for sure THAT I would do it. I just went there to get my newspaper and there she was, I did n´t go into the newspaper shop to meet her, she was just there. Thats the difference.

Most people get nervous when they go out to get laid, or to get girls… I would get also nervous

I don´t go to a club to get girls, I go to a club to have fun.

Now you know why you are there, rather than all the attributes you ” need to have ” if we are talking in PUA terms. Carefree, enjoy, yourself, be yourself, be alpha, inner game outer game, openers , IOI , contra IOI etc etc etc.

You don´t need anything, you are just partying and living your life, all that you need is automatically given to you at birth not more not less.

I go to a club and the whole disco is my set, for sure I know there are sets, but I don´t think about them, I will be in that set during the night, without even think about it, or I won´t be in that set, it doesn´t matter, I just let it happen. I go there to have fun, and do what I wanna do, that I have inside of me.

By party I mean also sitting with some friends at home, or in a bar and have a drink , without going to the club.


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