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Still think you are not good enough?

Here’s a twist…

This is what the media throws at you:


Be all ripped up and big just for a kiss?

Save the world just to be with a beautiful woman?

Worship them? it’s a human being, not a rare, delicate gemstone.

It seems simple, but look at the message underneath it.
Muscles, 1.4% body fat = Healthy beautiful woman for you.

Oh man, this sh!t made me laugh, yeah right.

This is from a rap video. The hidden message is that you need to be rich and have an expensive car with “22’s” to get women. BS! By the way, you know how much gas those Hummers waste?

Obviously this are studio, paintings, drawings, movies, ads, acting pictures, etc. but this kind of crap is being fed to everyone. The society is forcing those images into YOUR SELF-IMAGE.

Screw the Matrix.


Reinforcement helps false beliefs:

Again, this is the truth, real people, in the real world…

Still think you need fame, money and riches in order to get a girl?

Remember Gisele Bundchen, dumped the famous, rich, handsome, young Leonardo DiCaprio for a surfer.

Still think you’re too wrinkly like a saddlebag, think you’re too old?

Still think you’re too skinny, not big enough with muscles, think your looks are affecting you?

Another supermodel, Alessandra Ambrosio, with some “average” looking guy.

Still think you’re too young or not “bad” enough?

Look, he’s on the phone being busy with his life also, he’s not hanging all over her just because of her beauty… in fact it’s the opposite. She’s all on him.

Still think your too fat or some other crap?

I don’t even need to mention anything, the picture speaks for itself.

It does not matter!

Oh yeah, did you know supermodel Adriana Lima left famous singer Lenny Kravitz for that average guy you see on that picture first picture, look here’s another of them…

I see what’s going on there, she’s happy, that’s all that matters, if you can make her HAPPY, she’s YOURS.

Might as well add more:

Height doesn’t matter!

Weight doesn’t matter!

Age doesn’t matter!

Regardless of his wealth, Hef’s age still doesn’t matter!

Muscles doesn’t matter! Pete Doherty and Katie Moss.

Your ethnicity/nationality difference doesn’t matter, even if you cover your whole self with tattoos! it doesn’t matter.
That’s porn star Tera Patrick and Evan Seinfeld.

By the way, I also thought of this, the only reason celebrities (most of the time) date other celebrities is because that’s who they are surrounded by, and if you think about it, would an average man even think about talking to one of ‘em? Hell no, they’ll have a stampede of excuses and think they’re not good enough!. It applies the same way to an attractive you see down the street she’s surrounded by guys who think they’re good enough with their Ferrari’s, Armani clothes, gold-plated teeth and shit.


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    Comment by Einar Coutin | April 24, 2010

  2. Assistance in marketing a blog would be appreciated. You got a great blog too bro.

    Keep on Keepin´on.

    Comment by Donatello | December 5, 2010

  3. we could share links if you wish.

    Comment by Donatello | December 5, 2010

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