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Attributes of masculinity by Comecuca

There are five attributes of masculinity that women go ga-ga for. They are 1) Assertiveness, 2) Dominance, 3) Cynicism, 4) Toughness and 5) Adventurous. These are the traditional male attributes that have somehow disappeared from male society ever since the Politically Correct movement took hold. Better explained. This is how our grand dads used to behave like when life wasn’t as nice and easy as it is today.

When you’re being assertive you move around the world not making excuses for your desires and you don’t let social pressures get to you. Assertiveness in seduction is when you approach a woman as if it’s your right to do so. I’m not saying you knock her down and have your way with her. What this means is you don’t sit there wondering if you’re good enough for her. Or you don’t sit there waiting for her friends to leave for you to open her because you’re scared of what people will say. You just assert yourself and do it because you want her. Period. This also goes for the rest of the interaction. You’re a man that goes after what he wants. This is the attribute you develop when you have good inner game and a strong sense of your self worth.

Dominance in seduction, as well as in any other part of your life, is when you make your own rules. You make your own world work for you. This part is important because it has to do with the male, female dynamic more than any of the other attributes. In seduction this means that you understand that women are submissive and males are dominant so you take your role as a dominant man and you treat her from this perspective. Dominance gives women that sense that you’re in control and are able to awaken her female side. This means that you don’t go out of your way to accomodate her just because you’re afraid that you’ll lose her. No. You know that she wants you to lead. You don’t sit there wondering what she’s thinking. You act. The best example of this is the friendly neighborhood pimp. Now, I know that there may be a lot of negative connotations concerning pimps but I’m not getting into all of that now. The reason I use the pimp as an example is because he just maybe the last example of a guy that knows his role in his relationships with women is being a man and he fullfills it. He also knows that a woman has her place and he expects her to act like a woman. Today this is reffered to as male chauvinism but back in the day this is how men and women related to one another. The whole fear of being a chauvinist fucks up a lot of guys because women want you to be a dominant man and you’re acting like Jerry Seinfeld trying to be all funny just to get in her pants. You have a back bone and she will not brake you down. No woman can brake you down remember that. Think of this when approaching too. Also women want a dominant guy because he’ll be a good providedr for her and the family. You’re not scared to go out into the tough world to get yours.

Cynicism is your edge. This is the exact opposite of being naive. This, like dominance, is an important attribute in the male, female dynamic. Being a cynic means you know what’s up. A cynical man doesn’t fall for the old fairy tale of women being like porcelain dolls and instead knows that a woman is willing to get freaky with you. In other words, you know that a woman wants you to be assertive and dominate her. Cynicism gives you the appearance that suggests to a woman that you know she’s a little slut deep down inside. It also gives her the idea that you’re willing to explore that slutty side of her without being taken aback by her behavior. Further it also suggests that you won’t judge her because she knows you’re savvy enough not to give into the conventional wisdom which suggests that women are little petals and don’t want to be man-handled. This in essence is your sex appeal. Your bad boy side. On the flip side this let’s her know that her man is not gonna get cheated out of money or get taken for a fool. She knows that you’re aware of danger and you can protect her from it.


is when you don’t fall apart if she doesn’t want you anymore. This is the attribute which makes a woman think that you have options. You won’t sit there and cry just because things didn’t go your way. You let go of the bad result quickly and you’re off to your next woman. This is the part of you which she finds challenging. It’s challenging because she knows that if she doesn’t treat you right she’s out. We’ve all heard it before. Women want a man with options. Well this is the attribute that makes her think twice about pulling some shit. Toughness is the exact opposite of the spineless good guy that women tend to abhore. Now this doesn’t mean that you’re a dick but you have resolve and you don’t take shit from no one no matter how good she tastes. This is also good for your life away from seduction. You get knocked down but you get back up again. It is also very attractive to women when a man is tough because she knows that if you really love her you won’t take the easy way out.

To be adventurous means that you’re unpredictable. This is the attribute that has to do with risk taking. The exact opposite of being boring. I’ll give you an example. The other day my woman and I went to an amateur boxing match in the middle of one of Miami’s toughest ghetto’s. I didn’t think it was too adventurous but my woman was scared on the way there, during the boxing match and until we left the neighborhood. She was scared shitless but she was excited. She also told me how by me being assertive and comfortable interacting with the people at the boxing match it made her super wet. Women want excitement in their life. Women like to have fun. Duh!!!! This means that your relationship will never get boring and stale. By being adventurous you’re the essence of romance.

Before you even open her be enough of a cynic to know that every woman has a little slut living inside of her. So open her accordingly. Then approach her assertively and proceed from there. If she doesn’t open up to you be tough enough to bare with the awkward silence and don’t try to fill the silence with something to say just to get her to talk. Then be dominant and lead the conversation where you want it to go.

Ok. Now that you have an idea of these attributes you’ll get a better idea of what it is that makes women attracted. This is not just my opinion. This is from a book named Dangerous men adventurous women by Judith Krantz. This is a book dealing with the formula they use to write romance novels. Romance novels account for 51% of all books sold including the bible and any every other book from apples to zebras. Romance novels deal with women’s fantasies. You do the math.

My biggest tip is to know your role and act like a man.


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