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A List of limiting self beliefs

I will share my thoughts on these limiting beliefs.

Not worthy enough – bullshit. You’re a guy, she’s a girl, guys and girls get together and make fuck. It doesn’t matter who you are or who she is, or what either of you look like. If she isn’t into you, it has nothing to do with your social status… and if that were the case, the fuck would you wanna be with a girl like that for anyway? Exactly. She’d be doing you a favour.

The interaction will lead nowhere – you’re not psychic, motherfucker! This is a bullshit excuse not to approach, plain and simple. Because it’s easier to avoid the interaction altogether than it is to do it and risk failure, many guys will quit before they even begin. You’re going to die some day. Don’t let your ego get in the way of how you really want to be.

And another thing, if the interaction doesn’t go anywhere that’s your own fault for not taking control and leading things where you want them to go. The girl is either into you or she isn’t, and if you’re talking to a girl who likes you while thinking “this isn’t going anywhere” then of course you’re gonna fail because you’re being miserable and focusing on how the interaction isn’t going anywhere instead of actually doing something about it. It is not her job to steer the conversation, it’s yours. So stop whining and do it already.

Not good looking or tall enough – girls all have different types; you’d actually be surprised at what a lot of girls are attracted to. Yes, there is a line, but most guys who think they’re unattractive haven’t got a damn thing wrong with them. And besides, girls tend to look at the whole package rather than looks alone. I knew a guy who was pretty weird looking and had a pizza face, he got with plenty of girls and I’m talking pure fucking stunners here. It’s all about how you talk to them. Case in point, stop bitching about your looks.

Not popular enough – if a girl wants you for your social connections, she is not worth being with. A girl should want you for you, not who you’re connected to or what you can do for her. Not being popular will help you, because the manipulative ones won’t take anything to do with you. That means even less bullshit to deal with, you should be thankful.

Not rich enough – same as before… if she doesn’t like you cos you don’t have money, or anything else for that matter, then she doesn’t want you. She wants free shit, favours, and to be seen in high class places. Let the rich fucks have her, she’ll mess with their minds and string them along. You will find girls like this will have a couple of (or more) guys who buy them shit and take them out, but they would never sleep with any of them. Chances are the guys she’s fucking are, you guessed it, guys like you. Not so scary now, is she?

Not having the lifestyle – same thing yet again. If she’s worth being with, she won’t care about your lifestyle. I’m broke as shit most of the time and I just do normal guy stuff. Girls don’t care. If you really think you need an awesome lifestyle or have certain things to impress girls in order for them to like you, it’s time for a serious wakeup call. It isn’t your life they want, it’s you.

She is not attracted to me – how the fuck would you know? Stop being a pussy and go find out.

I’m not her type – again, how would you know? It’s your job to go over there and find out if you’re her type or not; making assumptions like this right from the offset isn’t gonna get you anywhere. It’s just another excuse to justify your inactions… so, stop kidding yourself and do something about it.

If you want a new xbox game and don’t see it on the shelf right away, do you bitch about them not having it and go home or do you go up to the desk and ask? If you don’t ask, you’ll think to yourself later, “maybe they did have it, fuck I’m stupid”. But if you make an effort to find out, then even if they don’t have what you want you’ll have closure and be able to put it aside. Trying and coming up short is better than never trying and wondering what could have been.

Her friends will think she is too good looking for me and sabotage – that isn’t why girls cockblock and mess shit up on each oher. It’s because they’re catty and don’t like to see each other having things they don’t/can’t have. If this really is an issue, she will see you away from her friends… and at least one of her friends will secretly be interested in you aswell. You can only gain.

She cares what people think and what they will think of us together – who gives a shit what she thinks? For one thing, this is probably never gonna be an issue. And if it is, it’s not your problem anyway, so don’t make it your problem. Ask yourself this, if a girl is worried about being seen in public with you, how does this stop you being together in private (where you would rather be anyway)? Exact-a-fuckin-mundo. And by the way, if a girl is worried about being seen with you, it doesn’t have shit to do with your looks so don’t even try that shit. There are plenty of real reasons.

I will look like a fool if I fail approaching, I will see her again and it will be embarrassing – I hate to break this to you (well, not really), but nobody gives a shit about you. Nobody is paying attention; the world doesn’t stop to watch you talk to some girl. And if she isn’t into you, big deal. Most women are very polite and nice, providing you’re respectful towards them they won’t cause a scene or get even the least bit dramatic. You probably won’t see her again, and if you do, are you forced to talk to her or even look at her? Nope. Stop bitching… nobody is paying attention, it’s just you and her, and the worst you will get is a polite declination as she walks away. You’re not crossing a minefield here.

She will flake, whats the point? – again with the psychic shit. You don’t know this, and by making such an assumption then you’ll be the one causing it to happen cos you’re focusing on why everything is gonna go wrong instead of enjoying her and being positive. If she flakes, and I’m not saying she will, who gives a shit? There are plenty more girls out there. It will thicken your skin, give you some more determination, and you might learn a thing or two from it aswell. You’ll have noticed by now that every excuse you can possibly come up with, I see positive aspects in. You will see everything in the same light just as I do, if you stop being a mope and actually think for a minute.

Where am I going to fuck her? In my car? I’m better off calling me fuck buddy – I translate this as, “I already have a girl, so what’s the point?”. I mean, if you had a fuck buddy then you wouldn’t be worrying about where to take a different girl. To me, this suggests a defeatist attitude. A man in this position should have even more confidence in approaching new women because he believes even stronger that he has nothing to lose.

Any excuse you can come up with not to approach a woman, I can turn it right around and make it a reason to actually do it. Every guy here should be able to do the same.


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  1. Good shit so far. I’ve been reading your posts and all of them have great.

    Comment by ml | February 27, 2010

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