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Everything You Thought You Knew About Women Is Wrong

Original Writer Unknown, Possibly Comecuca.

Everything You Thought You Knew About Women Is Wrong – The Story Of A Man Living With Two Normal, Sexually Charged, Roommates.

The truth is that in today’s culture where women no longer have to remain buttoned up and are encouraged to be sexual, we still seem to hold true to our fear of a sexual woman. We call them Bitches when they don’t sleep with us, and Sluts when they do.

If you’re curious what “Anti Slut Defense” means, it’s a term used in the pickup community (where it sounds like this story originated from) to describe the tactics a woman will employ to prevent the man from thinking of her as a slut. For example, women will often say little things or drop hints in order to give them Plausible Deniability. As long as they can deny that they intended to do something (It just happened!), they are not Sluts. Great example of the need to think emotionally when dealing with women and less logically. What may come out of a woman’s mouth, won’t always mesh with what her body language is saying. It’s always wise to read between the lines.

With that said, here’s the story. I think I found the last line the funniest!

Week 1:

Alright. I have decided to live with 2 female roommates this year at school to help me understand women a bit better and have some fun while I am at it. As crazy and suicidal as this may sound, I am definitely down for it and look to learn a lot from this experience! A little history first..

As I grew up with my mom and she was the one who taught me about girls. READ: BAD ADVICE. As I have mentioned I have decided to live with these girls for one year and plan to post weekly on my discoveries. I am 21 and they are both 26. They are both graduate students and very professional. Without further ado, let the week 1 revelations begin!

Both of these girls are absolute hornballs. I had no idea girls were like this. Girl #1 constantly talks about sex. Sex starved is the only word I can use to describe her. She wants to go out and bring a guy home from the bars but her “Anti Slut Defense” kicks in and I think she has too much pride. She has talked to me about masturbating and using sex toys several times already. I have ran game on her, although I have made a commitment to not sleep with either roommate.

Roommate #2 is a dirty little tramp as well. She is hurting for a squirting as well. I have heard before that girls are just as horny as guys but never witnessed it before. It is truly shocking and has already made me look at girls differently. Men and women are not as different as one might think. I go to the bars with both of these girls and they honestly go HOPING to be seduced. They don’t act it, but they want to meet a guy to seduce them. I would never guess it if I did not know these girls. Makes me wonder how many other girls are like this.

Both girls are VERY self conscious about there appearance even though they are both attractive women. I am surprised once again. They spend inordinate amounts of time selecting outfits to wear to the bar. If they would just swallow there pride and go to the bar and act like they want sex as bad as they do, they would be laid in 2 minutes.

Both girls have a network of attractive female friends which I am in the process of gaming. I have established myself as alpha male early on, and they have no problem with me getting with there friends. Biggest problem so far is the age gap with me being younger, although I feel this is more of a mental thing I have created. No problems yet with their male friends, most are all chumps who are nice guys but the girls have no sexual interest in them.

Once again must reiterate that these girls are totally sex starved. They go to the bars and act like every other girl and dance and have fun, but pray they will find some alpha guy to bring home and f*ck. Only witnessed a few guys approach them so far. Nothing noteworthy, one gave her number out to a guy, never answered his calls or called back. He was stupid and left instantly after number closing.

Girl #1 was also on her period this week and was definitely additionally horny because of it.

First week summary has just mainly been that I am blown away by how sexual these girls are and how ass backwards there methods of trying to get laid are. They are trying to get laid while not trying to get laid. Its so f*cking silly lol.

Week 2:

First off, you may remember me talking about a chump who approached Slutty girl #1 at a bar and got her number because she was drunk… Well I have underestimated once again the crazy and slutty minds of girls. Lets start from the beginning of the week.. He called on day2 and left a message which both of my roommates laughed about and talked about his desperation and how she could do so much better. I thought it was curtains for him. I was wrong.

Something strange happened. After calling once, he didn’t call again. And every day without him calling her, her opinion of him swayed ever so slightly. By about day 3 she was talking about how “maybe he wasn’t so bad after all.” On day 4 he was suddenly cute. On day 5 my roommate wanted to f*ck him. I was baffled. I was literally f*cking baffled. Like most of you, I have never had an inside look on the workings of a phone number exchange. Well late on day 5, she finally called him and told him she wanted to see him again. So they set up a date for Thursday.

My roommate completely plans 100% to have sex with him. All he has to do is NOT SCREW UP! This absolutely blows my mind, as I am sure he has no clue that she constantly talks about wanting to hook up with him and wondering how big his dick is etc. It makes me wonder how many times I have been in a similar situation and completely unaware, and ended up blowing it.

Girls have there minds made up way before you think they do. This just reinforces your small window to make something happen, after that, JUST DON’T MESS UP! Girls want sex, they don’t want to feel slutty about it though. Don’t believe it if you want, but every single girl at that bar wants sex. Girls just need different things than guys to get them interested in sex.

They both take nasty shits though… that will take some getting used to…


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  1. ha that is true 🙂

    Comment by Magdalicious | January 17, 2009

  2. That stuff about how they changed their minds about the guy that called and then waited a few days was a real revelation. Thats bizarre how the time lapse effected their opinion of the guy.

    Comment by BartS | February 17, 2009

  3. Its about being Indifferent, if you call right away your not so indiferrent.
    The differentce in the difference is the Indifference.

    Comment by Donatello | February 17, 2009

  4. I already know women are like this, but I certainly didn’t at 21. Their behavior is more sensible than it seems. They could presumably approach whoever they find the most attract, except that most women can’t tell who’s sexually attractive just by looking, and they won’t find the experience they’re looking for by auctioning off their hoohahs to the hottest bidder – “okay, who wants to fuck?”

    Comment by unfrozencaveman | July 8, 2009

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