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Direct Vs Indirect

It’s rather simple, you can use both direct and indirect. You will like one more than the other depended on your character.

If you are a wussy creep with a sensitive ego, then perfect, you will easily prefer indirect, cause you “risk” less of your pathetic ego. You probably like to train what to say,how to stand in angle from her,how to breathe right and have perfect micro expressions in your face…. so that you will make no “mistake” and rejection will only mean than the girl is stupid and can not recognize your perfect attitude, …. or that you did something wrong in the standing angle, it’s not the “real”you that got rejected, practice 6000 more sets and happiness awaits for you. So YOU can not be rejected, indirect is perfect for you, genious method for guys who go and cry if the girl doesn’t like them, and think that the “go get her” moto is creepy.(like everything not outcome-oriented is creepy for you)

If you don’t “Need” to pass shit tests, if you like to enjoy your life without giving to much importance to the expectations of others, if you can live without caring about your parents, hot babes, religions or the guy that kicked your ass at highschool …… and you can just forget all the chaos in your life and enjoy the moment by just going for what you want , calm and with a smile of satisfaction, Then indirect is more boring to you.

It is boring to manipulate disinterested women so you can get laid, cause you are bored to approach hoping that you do everything right, in the right order, giving perfect micro signals, expecting that she might fall for this. It’s fucking boring to you, maybe sometimes is fun, but that’s all it is, it’s not your prefered method.

It’s super simple, indirect if not for fun, is prefered if you think you have to HIDE something (your desire to fuck girls). The guy selling drugs is sneaky and indirect, the guy selling tomatoes has not anything to hide and he shouts at the street happy. Is he wondering if he does anything right?

If you have to do everything perfect, take care not to reveal your intention bla bla bla , then you are AFRAID to fuck a girl.


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