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Opening Set made easy

I think that some men are attaching way to much meaning to the opener.
It still comes down to cause and effect. what is the effect that you desire?
To start a conversation & that my friends is all an opener does.

Openers should n´t really be labeled as direct or indirect. or put into groups relating to their methods.

a good Player should have memorized around 5 canned openers.
For Direct those could be genuine Compliments or Ranko type openers.
For indirect those will be Routine type openers(jelouse girlfriend etc) or Opinion openers.

Situational openers, again this applies to both Direct and indirect players, once a player becomes more experienced. Most may well be neutral, neither direct or indirect “I love the music here..U2 are one of my all time faves!..and you??”

“you girls look like fun”

Spontaniouse openers. Self explanitory, the frst thing that comes into your mind!

Complimentary opener (direct method). Just start off with a genuine compliment. “you have a beautiful smile.”

Neg opener (Indirect). A back handed compliment.

OEQ opener (Open ended question): questions containing who?, what?, why?, when?, where?

NLP Opener: Example, “What is your fave colour?”
her “Pink”
“What is the colour of passion?”
Her “Red”
you “and what colour are you thinking of…?

Social openers: these opener tend to be very normal, asking how they are, whats up, how their evening is going, or even if they are having a good time. In large metropolitain city like Barcelona London, Milan, New york etc tec, guessing where the girls are from
“let me guess…from sweden?”
openers the cause & effect.

The cause

You see a girl and you want to approach her and speak to her.

The effect (if done properly)

it starts a conversation with the girl.

I repeat an opener is just to start a conversation.

Ask yourself what is the point of inventing or creating a new fantastic opener?

Do you think she is going to say “wow I love your new fantastic opener—now can you help me take off my panties?”

just start a conversation. nothing more nothing else.

So Simple.


November 27, 2008 - Posted by | Opening

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