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Opening Simplified & Mystery In action!

its been my experience that OPENING is the least important part of the pick up process.
Now its not the easiest, but definitely the least important.

I’ve had horrible, horrendous, God awe full, stupid openers that are easily recoverable.
By not being needy worrying if i’m going to get a good reaction or bad reaction, to me the worst reaction is nothing.

By relaxing and NOT panicking on bad reactions or NOT getting too excited on great reactions, i’m able to LISTEN to what she is saying and usually the 2nd or 3rd thing out of my pie hole makes sense and CALIBRATED.

If you get stuck on an opener just use a FOCUS one. They are the easiest (in my opinion). Look at her FOCUS and comment (preferably in a an I-STATEMENT) and
you have just opened.

I feel the most important skill in pick up is CLOSING. So i try not to stress out on being a “opening” PUA. I focus on CLOSING.


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  1. I agree. I can easily open anyone because I am a trained actor, salsa dancer, and have made my living in sales for years. But I can’t seem to get past a certain point.

    I fear buyers remorse, and visualize a painful breakup. I am not sure if the seduction community can help or not. Too me life is an interplay of opposing forces that must be nullified.

    The I Ching says that in the game of seduction a man subjugates a woman by placing her benathe him, but in the game of courtship a man prostrates himself before her.

    I ask you this. How would you go about nullifying this set of opposites (that is the sedcution/courtship polarity)?

    Comment by loerez | February 28, 2009

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