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Eye Contact and sexual attraction

Some men and women have the knack of attracting people to them at Partys and other social occasions. They are simply applying the little-known secrets of sexual attraction. If you learn these skills, you’ll become equally successful from now on. Are you ready to know the skills? Here they are:

Find someone and maintain eye contact with them.

Looking longer than usual into another person’s eyes shows your interest and it can make that person feel special. Widen your eyes a little. US studies show that sexual interest is revealed by wider-opened eyes and this can be arousing to the other person.

Men and women were asked to look at sets of photographs of other men and women – one person in each pair of photographs had their eyes enlarged by retouching the pictures. These people were almost always seen as being most attractive. Practise widening your eyes by looking in the mirror. This can help you to convey the correct image. Be careful not to gaze at somebody for too long – an intent gaze is alluring only when it is welcomed by the other person. If not, then you will simply look creepy and make them feel uncomfortable.

Create sexual attraction:

Do this by using open body signals. When you meet someone you find attractive, you’ll sometimes feel tense and nervous and your body language will often reflect those feelings. Examples of this could be arms folded, hands clasped and legs crossed together. These closed body signals are telling the other person that you don’t want them near you.

To make someone feel really welcome, you need to send out open body signals. Stand facing them directly, and put your arms at your sides. Keep your shoulders back and lean forward slightly as this shows attentiveness to the other person. Or, sit resting your arms on the arms of the chair to indicate you are very receptive to the person in front of you. Keep your legs uncrossed. If you can sit in a chair that’s lower than their chair, that person will feel more comfortable with you.

Build That Sexual Attraction by emulating the other person’s body language.


November 26, 2008 - Posted by | sexual attraction

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