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Taking What You want

Just came back from a dance lesson, my conversation skills lacked. While changing partners I have nothing to say to most of these girls, I just uncomfortably start looking around and guess what, the girls follow, by taking the lead and getting uncomfortable themselves. I know what’s going on, but so what, it’s not good enough! On the way home I realized something, like in dance leading needs to be constant and smooth. And this is all about connection, without the connection you will not know where the person is, and therefore a proper lead will not take place. Leading a woman, you need to be constantly connected (if connection lost, regain it, then lead), carrying for her in your arms, yet, you go where you want, and she will follow if she wants to, and they usually do.

Also realized a man takes what he wants. But how is man to take what he wants\lead when he does not feel worthy of receiving what he wants? That’s a challenge to me. To feel like I deserve it. And it’s a lot broader than women, its life itself. I can see how unattractive it is (like seeing a past self), of a man trying to please a woman, it makes me want to vomit. But further in life a man, who waits quietly, speaks timidly, not taking chances, like someone cut of their balls. There is no visible life force behind such a man, or its being repressed, it’s a depressing sight. A much attractive alternative is a man who is energetic, and goes after his desires. Guess I should of played more sports or something when I younger to learn how to go after what you want.

note: as for a solution to feeling deserving, I will be treating myself much nicer from now on, and being a lot kinder to myself. And I think that will translate into treating people similarly.

Go after your desires,


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