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The four phases of kino

93% of pu is the bodylanguage ,and 1/2 of it is kino.(the other half is our relaxed body language). (I really don’t get how this 93% came out…)

Kino is the best indicator of a seduction, it shows at what stage you are. All my fuck ups are because I did more verbal seductions and then going physical was not so well received(of course you can do an alpha thing ,shut them up and kiss them but anyway…)

If you do your pu based on words, or sensing their energy/ pacing and leading, and you don’t do the kino, you are making things much much harder.

I was trying to improve my kino last days and here is what I think about it.

1) Fuck thinking about kino, just do it, all the rule you’ll need.

2) Mental musterbation begins: Kino in my opinion is divided in 4 parts (like pu): open, attract,rapport,close

-Open kino: Purpose: To get girl’s attention completely, without scaring her.

Examples: Girl standing: From behind–>I put hand on shoulder Front–> Go for hand on shoulder and talk to their ear at club Social circle–> I give my hand to introduce and I hold it more, looking at her smiling, to create tension, or I simply dont introduce and say simply: you are very pretty holding her hand and smiling street–> I introduce my self and hold their hand more with both of mine: wow, you have warm hands, you know what they say about people with warm hands….

Girl walking: front–>like shark cd behind–> hand on arm and say :wait club–> stop them and hi5 they bump into you–> bump them back and say it hurt/ catch their waist and tell to her ear: you are strong, I would like to get to know you they put their arm on you to pass–>tell them: I don’t want a drink now , like they were waiters, they say they’re not, you laugh and you push them playfuly, then you say: prove it, let’s dance, and you catch her waist both hands and dance slowly…..If they go to leave, pull them back smiling..

-Attraction kino: purpose: to show dominance, strength,leading

Examples: everything that treats them like they’re stones lead them by hand, move their chair, turn them so they face you, catch their chin and make them smile, touch their nose and laugh at them……….

-Rapport kino purpose: To make them comfortable with your sensual touch till finally you go to a more sensual, permanent kino

Example: You comment on earrings and touch ears , and do rapport about jewel subject You comment necklace and caress neck You comment/touch hair You comment /touch hands/palm reading Actually I prefer small more sensual touches, with a comment/ or without comment, I just do it and look eyes,not my hand like apologizing… Sometime you will see that they are receptive to it or even give kino back to you(usually second/third touch). Then sit closer/ put a hand around them/ hold their hand/ put their hand on your leg/walk with arms crossed……. you know… Everything that will have you in a more ready to kiss position.

-Close kino purpose:you know this

examples: Embarassed


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