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have you ever wondered why women shit test you?

View Shit Tests form a Macro dynamics view point.

Ever wondered why she shit tested you in the first place?…yes then continue reading.

About shit tests you’re making this way too complicated.

Have you ever wondered how naturals can pick up chicks when they don’t know
jack shit about shit tests?

Easy! Because they don’t see them as shit tests!

Once you start thinking that you have to start passing shit tests then you lose
focus from your REAL goal, which is finding out what the chick is like and
deciding whether you want her or not.

Ever wonder why chicks (as well as other people) shit test in the first place?


Its a nice little battle, a jostle for the position of power I take it and never give it away. When I dont get the girl its because i gave away the position of power and became her man-bitch.

It is not her fault she was / is sexploited by modern society, forced into the unnatural position of showing traditional (biological) charcteristics associated with men (dominance) Just because she has nice tits and ass (T&A). Sex sells!
this is only her Social character.

Even if society has programmed her to be the dominante one she is biologically programmed to be submissive, to give her body to the dominante male for him to enjoy, and to care for and nurture foth comming offspring, This is her Natural character.

Which of the two do you want to communicate with?

It is not your fault that you are / were also sexploited by modern society, and showing traditional and biological charactistc normally associated to women.
(submissive, wussieness). this is not natural.

But hey, What are you going to do about it?

This is the causality of the wussie. cause and effect.

yes in moderen society the roles have become reversed and women dont want it to be that way!

so who profits from the sexploitation?

Magazine editors and owners, porn barrons, and car manufacturers (como on guys,
the picture of the ferrari (UK edition) with 5 chicks draped aroud it..hidden message “buy this car and you canhave chicks like this…)

Sexplotation is all around you, goto your local magazine store and look at the covers of various mens magazines…its every where T&A.

I almost NEVER get shit tested nowadays, do you know why?

It’s because I never put myself in the position where the chick is screening
me, I’m always making her react towrds me, stimulating her, being the stimulus for her responce, while not atall reacting towards her. TJ´s (Tecnique Junkies) may see this as “ahh he´s giving her hoops to jump through” but no! I am the one that is screening her and giving her the opportunity to show me she’s the type of
chick I should be with.

Understand the causality of the shit test. Why is she shit testing you?

She is shit testing you because she feels the need to screen you. If she spent just 5 mins with every guy that showed intrest in her, she would never get anything done.
never get any where, miss her train, be late for university/college/work/VIP apointment. etc etc.

Its a time management tool, to find out if he is the real deal. She has way too much going on in her independent life to give 5mins to every jerk that approaches her.

If you are doing things correctly, on a natural game basis, she is not going to shit test you, because she WANTS to be with you. She may still just throw you a little curve ball, but that is just to reasure herself that you are the REAL DEAL and not some pussy-whipped man-bitch that she will tool into buying gifts taking her on expensive dates, nice resturants, etc, etc. A walking talking ATM. I repeat she has to reasure herself that you are the real deal.

The causality (cause & effect) of the shit test is she is testing you because she likes you (go re-read and understand that statement). I recognise shit tests as indications of intrest, (IOI) and just continue. She is testing me because she likes me, and wants to know if I am the read deal or not.

She is not going to submitt her body for some lame-assed wussie to enjoy, or to some one that she see´s as a lame assed wussie. No f*cking way

That is why some guys get last minute resistance. What is last minute resistance other than a very very late indication that you are not the real deal? And by real deal i mean in tune with your natural character.

She is just not sure if you are the real deal or not and BANG! the shutters go down and the panties aint comming off and your spending a night with your hand with a hot chick laying next to you!

later you may refere to her as a “cock teaser”. But that is not the case. take responsability for your actions. It was YOUR FAULTthat you did not communicate
your natural charcter with her natural character end of story! No excuses. Take responsability for your actions, President Harry Truman had a placque one his desk that read “The Buck Stops here”.

There was a time when I was in the City of Dublin, Ireland when I was with Cortez,
many of the guys Including Cortez opened a 3 set in a club, they were giving the guys the “were lesbiens” line to screen / shit test them.

when i approached, i also got the “were lesbiens line” I just could nt have given a sh*t if they were or not and responded with “and?”
the leader girl “no its just that when we say that guys ask us to start kissing each other” I replied with “well if others dont like the fact that your lesbiens…then they dont have to look…..its their problem not yours!….I have (I commented upon a visable medical condition) , but if other people dont like it, its their problem, they dont have to look…i dont give a sh*t, a flying horses cr*p, it´s their problem, not mine.”

The girl bended, doubled at the knees like no other I had saw givving off massive unconciouse bodylanguage signals of intrest, things that she could not conciously control. I did not get that girl due to my inexperience at that time (not taking care of the friends (cock block, take away girl, whatever!) as her friend manhandled her and physically pulled her away away from me, like a doorman would remove you from a club.

That is how you deal with sh*t test. Note how I maintained the position of power and did not give it away.

More reciently In the Micheal Collins Bar in Barcelona, I opened some chick with the typical very social way of just knocking my beer against hers and “cheers!”
She responded by kissing both my cheeks.

I asked why she kissed both my cheeks (hey guys I knew why, its spanish custom to do so) she hesitated a little, “I ask you because I´d, kiss both your lips, the upper and the lower ones!”
girl responded with “whattttttt” expecting me to retract my statement and apologize for offending her….Recognise the signals, come on guys, a short skirt and long legs, she was out fishing for a man! I looked her deep in the eye, then suggestivly up and down…”yep…..I would”. then paused for tension and….
“sex with a stranger……lets go racka-racka-racka”

Again see how I never gave away the position of power or responded to her in the way that she expected me to do.

In effect I do not allow girls to communicate with their sexploited social character and go straight for her natural character.

Once I have opened I do not talk about myself, or answer any question that she may have related to me, I may in fact respond to her questions with another question, being mysteriose, women find that attractive, but besides the point Im not giving her what she wants, even if its some useless info like my age, where im from, what do i do for a living etc etc. Its really easy to do. just think about it.
There was some time when someone asked me “hey is it true that you always answer a question with another question?”
“who told you that?”
Im sure you guys get the idea!.

The reason i do not talk about myself is because she is not intrested!
how many guys go talk to some hottie and all they do is talk about themselves or do some story telling, or try to Impress the girl into a legover-between-the-sheets olympic event!

I´ll tell you why, SHE DOES N´T CARE!, she doesnt give a toss about your independent character, that you are the star center forward for CF.Mollette de Valles or your taste in music, what films you like, where you have travelled or even your personal intrests, sure she is intrested in those things in the “getting to know you Phase” but not straight off the bat.

these things I may talk about later, only if the convo is naturally directed in that way.

The objective is not to f*ck the chick, but to make a deep rooted emotional connection, after knowing some girl for a short period of time, to hear her saying “I feel like I have known you all my life” while you are in a sweaty glaze after busting a nut fucking her!

Things I will be demonstrating while I´m in set with a chick is my social ability, social skills This may be done by introducing my friend or wings to the girls, being generally very sociable or speaking and/or/not necesarily flirting with other girls within eye shot of the girls, In this I include speaking with my buddies while the girls are close by. Leaving set telling the girls I have to check up on my friends, an alpha that cares entering the set with something social “clicking” glasses with the girls, asking “so how are you girl doing?”, “where are you girls from?” “whasss-up!”.
maybe I even pretend to take a photo with an imaginary camera and tell the girls they are beautifull and i just had to have their photo! Or something Honest “your beautifull” a compliment as EX president of the United states Aberaham Lincoln noted “Everyone loves a compliment”.

This is my (and your) Interdependent character, the way in which I relate to the world and people around me. The bonus is its completely natural and normal.
We as humans are social beings.

the female of the species does not want to meet some social retard. You will be at some time at a social event of hers, a dinner with her friends, a Double date, a function where she has to have a partner, cousins wedding, her friends birthday party and she does nt want to be holding your hand asking if your ok every five minutes.

part of your Interdependent character is developing your character, what you do outside of work/university social clubs like you go to a language class on mondays and wednesday, tueday and thursady you do martial arts. Friday you go down the gymn every other wednesday everning after language class you meet up withyour buddies and watch champion league football and sunday you spend with family and close friends.

this is importaint to her(and you), as if she ever wanted to end the relationship she knows that you will not be a needy wussbag loser boy annoying her or stalking her.

this is good for you as if you are a very sociable person with lots going on in your life, she will easily be sucked into your world and once she is and if your in a Long term relationship, she is the one that will be going back to her old friends that she long forgot about, and will miss after a short while being part of your social circle, the attention that she got and that they gave to her.

The causality of “flakes” is due to you not connecting with the girl or not getting a deep conection. TJ´s may call this rapport or not getting enough rapport, but essintially she flaked because she was not sure that you were the real deal, so rather than waste her preciouse time when she would be rather be doing something else much more VIP than meeting up with some wussie

But Im not going to communicate with her natural character.

Im Communicating with her Natural Character, with my natural charcter, the one where she is naturally submissive, caring and more than willing to look after and submit her body for the dominante male to enjoy.

the place where we are both in harmony with our energies and the natural ballance of the universe.

The animal kingdom does not have to deal with sexploitation, or even shit tests.

Sexploitation Does not exist in the natural world. Neither do shit tests.


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