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Bending Another Model of Pick Up & shit tests

Bending another model of seduction and shit tests

Before I begin, I have to say that this is nothing new, put aside a small percentage of the population that fully understand this naturally, its naturally and biologically within all of us. And I don’t really have the energy to fully describe below, so get the feeling of what I’m trying to communicate. All I can say is that its really simple. Maybe another day I will explain in more detail.

The 3 elements of every PU.

Every seductor has 3 qualities, here they are: – Bending, (male dominance), Shine, love. Every PU has at least 2 of those elements. It doesn’t matter what order, it can be 1.2 / 3.1 / 1.2.3 /

You can use whatever in what ever order you are more comfortable with and always move in the direction of the close. Example 3 2 1 2(close). You can select or chose to do what ever without thinking about it, only depending upon your energy level and initial humour. When you have used your initial humour or complimentary opener, always remember to move for the close, its easier than you think, (and don’t let her out of your sight). Remember to move for at least 2 of the qualities: if you only shine you will come across as a clown. If you only love, you are just a pathetic wussie boy giving away his masculine power. If you just bend you are just an alpha jerk, a bastard.

Now the 3 elements of pick up.

1)bending, the big attraction switch…(see the other post, attraction?? Rapport?? Do nothing still get results for details.)

Big butterflies in the stomache, her pupils dialating, (el enlargo de los ojos), palpitations of her heart, accelerated breathing. Doubling at the knees, submitting her body for you to fully enjoy. Sub communicate tranquilly to her that you are not scared of her or anything about her, not even moved, affected by and barely noticing her ultra attractive exterior. Do it tranquilly like the kung fu guy in those films, super hi kicks, extremely high action moves, all with out breaking out in a single bead of sweat. Make them go timid, her looking away (from you) only for her to look back again at you, the lowering of her eyes. I have other things in my life other than Pu and girls, they just add to the fun, adding to the balance. As a man you have the right to bend hot chicks. You must do it on two levels, verbal and non verbal (body language, sub communication).

2)Shining or small attraction – . Make her admire you, and like being around you. You can do anything to cause that admiration in her, if you do it with enthusiasm, passion, soul and emotion. Take a higher energy and a certain true passion. 2 levels again, Body language, (take a high energy, you can even dance with passion even if you don’t know sh*t about dancing) and verbal communication: Talk, chat with emotions, describe things situations with emotions, use action words, scream almost shout, raise your voice, accelerate the vocal pace then talk tranquilly, chilled, lower the speed and pace, almost whisper. Have her hanging on to every word you say, Talk using appropriate pauses.(can you see the energy and passion I am talking about here?). A further post upon shining will be posted in the future.

3)Love them. Make her know and appreciate your feelings be an Alpha that loves cares and appreciates her, not a bastard or alpha jerk that doesn’t care for anyone else other than himself**** . Protect her. Like always on 2 levels, body (protect her form that dangerous looking dog, walking with her your arm around the small of her back (lumber region) pull her close to you when you kiss her, giving her a movie star bending kiss close. Verbal (compliment her, compliment her in a poetic way “your eyes shine like diamonds / two stars in the night sky, / as blue as the Mediterranean sea / your smile is beautiful it gives as much heat as the sun” “you´re like an angel, only more beautiful”Don’t keep complimenting her physical beauty, compliment her persona, her character. Make her feel special. If at this moment you don’t feel confident about using such poetry use the semi NLP prefix of “has anyone told you that you have……the use the poetic flattery lines usually girls don’t answer, they just melt! During the pause after you have delivered just add “well I guess Im the first one” . make her feel relaxed, make her feel good about being herself, its your Job to do so, its your mission in life! So go make he day!)

**** ever notices that alpha jerks are always moving from one chick to the next and seem to be so hollow? That is because they are not in touch with their emotional side, loving, appreciating and caring. While an alpha that loves will have many girls and male friends around him, all appreciating being with him. An alpha jerk tends to care for only one person, himself, where as the alpha that loves cares for and makes sure all (men and women) are ok when he is around. Be an alpha that loves, because you love and have emotions it doesn’t make you less masculine. In fact if you don’t have emotions it makes you less of an all round balanced individual.****

Now…..: you still have to open: depending upon your energy levels at the particular moment in time. Bending, with initial strong eye contact –shine with an initial joke or sense of humour. Mix them (e.g. bending and love her immediately)….

Then once you have opened set, you know what you have to do to have an effect, change, move to another element, or if permitting close…When you change element change in every area, Verbal, Body language, (lower your voice, move her, change to a different emotion, start a different type of kino****). If the element that you are using has no effect )IOI for example) try more, try harder, stay with it, don’t change too quickly.

**** I do have an article fully prepared fully explaining Kino, and breaking kino down into 4 easy phases and types of kino for seduction, I will not be posting this article Simply because I am not sure for the level of player here, besides most should concentrate upon other areas before using more advanced stuff, before you run you must first learn how to walk.****

Closing you can do with anything, if you close with enthusiasm like on the telephone, (shining) or a 1950´s Hollywood movie style (bending) kiss close or just create tension pull her close to you, kiss her neck, then nibble on her ear, kiss her check move to kiss the other check kiss her neck and whisper in a lowered voice “the best things come to those that wait” and continue (briefly) kiss her neck…then walk away! (bending). Yes you can close using romantic Hollywood movie style romantic novel close (love them), I took one girl by surprise taking her to the beach setting out candles in a love heart shape, read her poetry, made few cocktails, she wept tears of joy before we made love beneath the night sky.

Important note: never think about the details during time of action. Think about it much later. Concentrate on just your energy, humour and bending, shining, love. Then change something once or more then move for the close. When I am in high energy my shining is better. My fave is bendingLove them bend (close) or shine  bend (close).

When you are presented with a problem (in relation to the girl or whatever levels of shit test) the girl is simply communicating with you: CHANGE ELEMENT.
Example, if you are shining all night and she goes all melancholic. She is saying: move to love, love me. “why do you look so sad, I guess you don’t know how beautiful you are!” ( again poetic stuff) If she is not respecting me it means bend me, (I might just pull her close and kiss her in a macho sort of way, or imply male dominance like id comment upon her sexy ass (love) the comment upon how much I’d love to spank her ass) (bending) always remember when presented with problems communicate upon the two levels, verbal and non verbal. Above all remain positive when communicating or presented with shit tests always respond positively. A local girl I was chatting with was communicating to me in Catalan (I have only basic understanding) while I was talking to her in Spanish, something was said that I did not understand Derek “I have taken the time and effort to learn Spanish, which is you can speak, so respect me or im going to go….if you were in my country id speak to you in English not my regional dialect galic so speak to me in spanish or im going to go..(spoken in spanish)” (bending, showing male dominance, masculinity) Give the catalan girls 10/10 for balls she continued to speak in Catalan…So I left her, this was not a false take away, it was genuine. I took only 2, maybe 3 (I was not counting) steps and she stopped me, leaning in rubbing her chest against me speaking in very good English asking immediately for my number! Despite her telling me 3 times she had a boyfriend in Bacelona, before hand.

If she tells you that she has a boyfriend and she genuinely does have one it simply means that she really does have a boyfriend, but she cannot understand why she is so attracted to you. It is rather like you have a car but you still want to buy a new one. If you could exchange your seat Ibiza for a Ferrari would you do it? Of course she has a boyfriend, but she is more than willing to trade up for a better model. Nowadays my energy is much better more relaxed I tend to just melt the girls with my responces to their shit tests “I have a boyfriend” “that’s good to know……….that im not the only guy that has great taste in women” or “I should meet him someday, to congratulate him upon his great taste in women”. “how many girls have you slept with?” In a recent discussion with Ranko he recommends to actually still remain positive, to say n-1, where n= the number of girls that you have slept with. She will understand that the minus one (-1) is her! I agree that Rankos response is really good (bending) equally Ranko likes my response of calling her upon her questioning “ahh so your already thinking about sleeping with me,….thats ok I was just imagining my self giving your ass a real good spanking”(bending)

So there you have it.

Shine ´em / bend ´em / love ´em for everything, opening, closing, shit tests.

If I don’t use any of the 3, things succeed because of luck or from good looks (because Im Beautifull)


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