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A Little more on Bending.

One girl might want money, other might want passion in philosophy and singing opera etc…

But, every girl responds to 2 qualities of a man. The mix of these 2 qualities changes according to her character. The more healthy and happy the girl, the more 50-50% the mix is gonna be. (like energy and matter are actually the different sides of the same coin..)

It can be done with actions/behaviour or words. Words are much weaker though.

Time for these two qualities:
1-The first one is to make her submit to you as a man sexually.
You will understand when you do this cause she will actually get shy in front of you (blushing, lowering eyes, getting imobile etc).

I don’t mean that you make her scared , then you do it wrong (you violate the second quality). You have to make her understand that you’re not afraid of her (everybody else is afraid of beauties really), you’re not afraid of stupid society gay rules, and you’ll be able to fuck her and make her give herself to you powerlessly.

You have done it in the past when you saw girls lowering their eyes etc. only by your presence or by asking for the time. It’s the smile she had when they introduce you to her and instead of asking what she study, you looked her in the eyes and told her that you’re glad you met her. You recognise it ,no? It’s the part of your character that you SHUT DOWN whey you talk to your female relatives or to your best friends girlfriend cause it implies you’re a man and she’s a girl. Search for your own style in your experiences.

2- The second one is love. You care for her and you’ll recognise her as a super lady. You will listen to her voice with joy and you’ll do things for her happiness. Recognize her value and feel for her. See her as a shining beautiful creature and let her know. Let her be important in your life and show it.
Words and actions again.

Every girl needs a mix of these two qualities in different proportions. The sad girl that has complexes in her character and a dark past will have problems with the love quality.

If a girl does not respond to both, she’s a money making machine or she finds you totally unattractive, in which case you’d better respect her way of thinking by walking away soon (or just have some fun and ask her immoral questions to kill time and maybe fuck a shallow girl’s pussy, to give her more depth, it’s called one night stand).

If you seduce the girl only by talking about your passions and you don’t know how she respond to this mix, then you can’t judge if she’s the right one for you.

It may sound weird stuff but just check your life (or some good movies) and you’ll find this mix everywhere. If something misses , then the guy is a looser (only love) or a dictator (only alphaness).

If a girl asks all the time for only one of the two (or noone), then I smell sadness and misery in the horizon coming.

If you master these two qualities by dating/reading/movies/watching others etc etc (practice is hidden everywhere), then you’ll be able to mix in your own character and behave happy as you would if you were doing your favorite hobby or talking to a good friend.

My opinion of course…Feel free to disagree and make it more complicated.

ps: If you want specific examples, simply ask me for specific situations and I’ll be glad to share. Of course I advise strongly to develop your style cause if I tell you mine and you do it like me, you’ll be a follower and followers are not “bending” guys. Be your own guru, look around.

ps2: Since many like Ranko, I have to say that he’s SUPERB, but he’s obsessed with the first line so much… Don’t make this mistake and open with what feels better for the occasion and tell her that you like her later. I have caught myself talking with girls for some minutes not even remembering how it all started, and then saying the “Like you” thing later. It worked as good as in the first sentence. Don’t limit youself


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