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The Power of eye contact

Written by a woman.

I caution anyone looking for a “fool proof” way of finding a submissive woman. I am undoubtedly submissive to Mike, and he holds a special power over me that no other person does. I am not a submissive person. I have no problem holding and sustaining eye contact with other people. I could have held eye contact with this gentleman and responded with the “yes, sir” because my job depended on it. I could have also conveyed with my sustained eye contact at the same time that although I was saying it, they were just words. My eyes would have challenged him, not submitted to him. I would never be attracted to a man who expected my to be submissive to every dominant person that comes around. I am submissive to Mike and Mike alone.

BUT Mike’s sustained eye contact is very, very powerful. If he is attempting to take me in hand I will usually break eye contact. Mike has an uncanny way of coming in my space, and gently but firmly using his hand to tilt my head up to him, establishing eye contact. Even a few seconds of this kind of attention from Mike will melt my knees. In a way it is one of his most powerful tools to take me in hand. Eye contact, when used by Mike, is an extremely powerful tool for him.

Blow is a video Recomended by Zan Perrion

9 1/2 Weeks staring kim Bassinger & Mikey Rourke

Watch how Mikey Rourke Controls his masculine power and his eye contact over Kim Bassinger.


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