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Projected Image Vs Percieved Image

I’d like to share some wisdom that I learned during my time.

I see that not much has changed since I started in the seduction community gone: natural guys bashing routine guys, routine guys bashing natural guys, indirect guys bashing direct guys, direct guys bashing indirect guys, the majority of guys so lost in the tons of information, guys wondering why certain things work for them why other things don’t, etc.

Well hopefully I can shed some light as to why certain things work for certain guys and not others, why direct works for some and not others, why indirect is better for certain guys, etc.

All right, let’s get started!

This was something I learned during the Euro PUA Summit hanging out with Cortez and others.

Except for a hand full of guys, most of the guys hanging out there were great fun to be around.

Without sounding too harsh, I gotta say that maybe around 5 out of 60+ guys there projected a positive PUA image, while the rest projected an image of being a dork/nerd/geek.

So if you were there and you have any doubts about whether you are/were projecting that sort of image then you probably are/were.

Why am I bringing this up?

Believe it or not it’s not to bash you guys. Well…maybe a little!

Seriously, I brought this up to give you guys insight into where you are fucking up sarges.

OK, first let me get explain what I mean by perceived and projected image. Percieved image is simply how you see yourself and projected image is how others see you.

Ground breaking new stuff, isn’t it?

Hehehe…no just kidding!

Alot of the guys I met understood their percieved image (how they saw themselves), but almost none knew their projected image (how others saw them).

The reason why these 2 images are important is that if the 2 aren’t pretty similar, you are going to have some serious INCONGRUENCY in your game.

Here’s a couple of examples:

1. Alot of the guys that I thought projected a dorky/geeky/nerdy image thought they were really cool cuz they knew a few openers, routines, scripts, etc. Now you can pretty much guess what happened when they approached chicks.

2. Some of the guys that projected a normal/average guy image, would come with the most stupid, anti-social behavior. Now what do you think that does?

3. Imagine a guy that looks like a GQ/Men’s Health model. Chicks are thinking he must be a sex god and gets tons of chicks. But the guy has no self confidence when it comes to chicks and comes across all nervous and awkward.

OK, now these are pretty obvious examples and they’re nothing new that hasn’t already been discussed before.

BUT what I haven’t seen discussed yet is how you use your projected image to start the PU and overcome the most common obstacles.

Let me explain further by describing my projected image.

Even before I became really good at PU (pre-ASF), people use to look at me and think that I was really smooth with chicks. This took me by surprise at first, but being a natural I was better at it than the majority of guys out there. So I’ve always projected the image of being a smooth player, even though I wasn’t at times when my inner game was shaky.

But now that image has amplified even more, so I look like a guy that fucks lots of chicks and that I got chicks throwing themselves at me all the time. So when chicks usually see me they are almost immediately thinking sex!

Now this isn’t a bad image to have!

But the problems come in when chicks automatically assume that I can get any chick I want. They believe that I will just fuck them and dump them immediately afterwards for new chicks. So alot of chicks are reluctant to get with me cuz they think they have no way of keeping me.

OK, so how does my image help me PU?

Well first let’s talk about how I approach and open. Since I know that chicks are already thinking about sex from the moment they first see me, I don’t need to run any attraction routines, DHV, etc, she is already attracted! Matter of fact she may be thinking that she doesn’t have a chance with me.

So I approach and open her with a direct compliment, slide my arm around her and kino right away! This works two fold, first since she is already attracted to me it makes her feel great about herself that I find her attractive. Second, since I’m showing interest in her she believes she has a chance with me.

OK, so after the opener, how do I continue?

Well I already know what problems I’ll run into! The majority of chicks think that I’m going to fuck and dump them. So what do I focus on?

Simple! I let her know that I recognize her unique qualities and that I like her for it! She expected me to treat her like any other chick, but instead I treat her like the unique individual person she is and BANG! Instant connection! Now she thinks it’s OK for us to be together!

Man, I’m just evil!

Another example:

When I first met Cortez, I thought he was the funniest guy I’ve ever met. He was a blast to hang around with cuz he’s cracking jokes all the time.

His projected image is that he’s a total clown and alot of fun to be around. He also looks like he’s totally harmless towards chicks. This makes chicks feel very comfortable around him almost immediately, but at the same time it affects his game negatively in that he doesn’t attract chicks sexually the way I do.

So for him his approach and opener comes across like he’s joking around with the chicks. Since that is congruent with the image he is projecting, chicks think he is great fun to be around.

So after he successfully opens, he’ll keep on joking around until the chick gets comfortable with him. He gets rapport very easily cuz of the image he projects. Now he has to over come the problem of getting sexual with chicks.

So how does he do it?

Well one way he told me was that since chicks feel at ease with him, they have no problem being alone with him thinking that he’s too much of a teddy bear to do anything. But as soon as he gets a chick alone, he does a 180 and goes total caveman/badboy on her. It catches her off guard, but Cortez does it in a way where the chicks think it’s a pleasant surprise!

Two different styles, but equally effective at getting the chicks we want.

So the moral of the story is find out what your projected image is. Find out the positives and negatives about that image. Use the postives to cut out all the unneccesary bullshit from your game and focus on fixing the negatives when you’re interacting with chicks.


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