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Reframing the relationship between sexploitation & power by Rion Williams

Let’s talk about the sexiest women and what’s going on in our society here. I mean the women that ‘every’ guy fantasizes about. The men’s magazine ‘cover models’.

These are women that the popular men’s magazines continue to promote as fantasy and ‘out of reach’ of most men. The one’s who they don’t offer ANY practical way to succeed with.

This keeps their readers in the cycle of an ever-growing ‘added value’ fantasy world of buying more of their magazines. Look at the enormous popularity of pornography. Where else can men alleviate their repression against the daily sexuality they see exploited and evident yet out-of-reach around them?

I remember one magazine a long time ago that said ‘who we’d gladly lose a testicle for to have a date with’ about some supermodel.

Isn’t it time for some REAL answers to REAL life instead of propagating the fantasy world of discontentedness and fragmented relations between men and women?!

I mean, who is REALLY profiting off of all of this sexploitation in the first place? It’s the magazine editors and execs. Think about that.

They’ve got millions of men RIGHT where they want them and you wouldn’t believe how profitable it is across all kinds of industries. Over the years, men have gotten so used to it yet now sexploitation has propagated everywhere.

It took me strong doses of cultural differentiation to even see the truth for myself and I was ALREADY extremely objective.

The t.v. industry is in on the empowerment of women and repression of men REAL good. Gay men have now become icons of sorts and unfortunately I see it infiltrating into GQ and other men’s magazines (oh they’re doing it slowly but surely).

Nothing against the positive attributes of many gay men, but can you see the shifting of power here? Where did our ultra masculine macho hetero role models go? Now look at the economics of what’s happening.

Women are taking financial control of households (and are often still more emotional buyers) and men continue to fall into the fantasy world and finding outlets of expression (where THEY are emotional).

The social powers are invisibly putting you into the ‘response’ mode to the stimuli of female sexploitation and making you feel more and more powerless unless you step up, realize the truth and keep your power for yourself instead of giving it away in relationships you were ignorant

Everything that exists consists of relationships. Men of power have control over the TYPES of relationships they have and who they have those relationships with. Do you want power and control or do you want to be a content yet ignorant consumer who is really just a social pawn to the real powers of influence?

Do you want the consistent ‘fantasy’ of success with women or the consistent reality?

So anyways, countless men see these same socially desirable ‘attributes’ and ‘Ass-ets’ in the women around them and they fall into the same conditioned response mode where they have directed all of their emotional energy to. It almost seems hopeless because they don’t have a clue how to behave around their perceptualized ‘goddesses’.

And then guess what? If they can’t have reality, they slip further into the fantasy mode. Why do you think we have 40 year old virgins today?

Is this a NATURAL occurrence? Nope. It’s socially driven by power and profit.

Even the video game industry is MASSIVELY profiting off of the byproduct result of this. Many guys just figure that women are out of their league and leave them in the ‘fantasy’ realm and transmute their energies into other things such as video gaming, d&d, magic or star trek.

Ironically, the women themselves who adapt the same behavioral and physical attributes have this social power yet are discontent themselves as well. Even divas who reach this alpha social status state are discontent. They KNOW it doesn’t ‘feel’ right with their heart.

Neither women nor men are getting any real value out of all of this; yet meanwhile, it’s the architects, producers and execs who are laughing their way to the bank. Gaining higher social status has become an incredibly important part of many lives.

It’s up to you to see the truth of the social matrix and free yourself from it because it IS very real. The more cognitive you become, the more power you’ll have to give yourself the power back that you never even thought you had.

I have this power and can stand alone against all of it and that is massively attractive to women. Women have to have their escape from the enormous pressures of social adaptation they have committed to.

Will you also be that man?

Ultimately you can still use sexploitation devices such as men’s mags to your own advantage WHILE living a powerful reality lifestyle but it’s all in the types of true relationships you have with the other powers that exist in our society.

Once you are grounded in cognition to this economic reality and it’s causal byproducts you’re getting somewhere. Once you can see that the true sexuality (which is nothing like you thought it was) of beautiful women lies dormant, you will have the power to bring the nature out of
them to escape (with mutual respect) out of the social pressures she is upholding.

And that is seduction. Seek cognition of the truth because there is a LOT of power being wielded and by default socially you are at the bottom of the power structure unless you take your power back for yourself through reframing the relationship you have with sexploitation and power.

Don’t let others profit off of you being in a disempowered relation to them. Equal exchange of true power and value? Ok, but it’s up to you to make that shot call and be as equal in power to these women (or greater) than they are.


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