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What is an Alpha male?

An alpha male is mearly a natural male that fulfills his social, biological and natural roles. Often this means going against the social norm (in realtion to the forced reality in which we live) of the current social programming we have in modern western culture. It does nt surprise me that we have become (in general) wussiefied; we are a generation of men raised by women – so would it surprise you that we became more wussiefied mummy´s boys and a lot more feminine that macho (come on what the f*ck is a metro sexual? a girly boy if you ask me take beckham for example! a nice cute female like voice, rather more gay than ultra macho).

understand what it is to be masculine and macho and live in harmoy with that I cannot tell you what that is as your definition of that will differ to that of mine and anyone elses and go live, be that person, be truely grounded in that caracter as it will be part of your caracter, so be 100% congruent with it. It is that what women judge you on, not your routines or material or even your smart c&f lines. its men that select women, based mainly upon her looks, but it is women that chose whom they will share their lovely hot bodies with this will almost be truely based on his caracter and his congruency with that. The average or even good PUA will score poorly upon the caracter chart due to having “getting girls” at the centre of their universe and not themselves. Getting laid is really only a small part of a ballanced life. its not the meaning to an end.
understand that many talk about football, women, seduction or any other thing predominantly (do you find yourself having convo about the same subject often?) people do this just to fill a void in their lives, women do the same by talking about relationships (filling a void).

being more masculine we have to rollback the clock to the days of James Dean, Marlon Brando, and steve McQueen for real example´s although during the 80´s Bruce willis, nowadays only the irish actor Colin farrel stands out. (see how during the 50´s& 60´s there were many such masculine caracters today in 3 decades only bruce willis and farrel stand out. a good apha to check out is that of chad michal murray ¿quien? lucas scott in one tree hill, the series has ended on TVE”2 dont watch in spanish as the voice overs are not very good, best in version original.

What I find lately is that the more Macho I am (upon the two levels of communication verbal and non verbal) the more attraction i get. When i do that super dominante bodylanguage i get tons more IOI before ven opening set. what women want is real men, not todays version of girlie boys that were raised by their mother to be “modern men” the one´s that give in to a womans every whim!. Your mum probably gave you a good education upon how to be a good husband, not how to be good with girls and women!.
be more agressive not submissive. more dominant, know what you want and what you like and why. dont feel bad about something that you dont like, i refere to all areas of your life, clothes, shopping, food, entertainment, films, music, and girls and be grounded in that!

most people just dont know what they want, or why they want it, just saying or mumbling “oh because such and such person likes it also”. developing a strong sense of who you are and what you like and dont like will develope a natural self confidence, you will be happy for who you are, rather than who you are not.


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