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Did or has anyone actually realised that it does nt matter how much NLP or “Inner game” that you use if you have the Incorrect Paragim of Society?

After Reading a few books by Rion Williams (, Wussification of american male, Madel Magnet and the de-wussification guide (Mens guide to women) I came to realise that it does nt really matter how much or how good your game (Direct / Indirect, Inner game or NLP) that you use your success with women is still random if you have the incorrect paragim model of society, (WOman is = to men, or woman has more power than men). The correct model is that man is above woman, top of the food chain. Head of the house hold. End of story. There are no exceptions.

If you live in the false reality where Social** = Sexual, then you, I am afriaid are leeking away apart of your inherent masculine power. It is to say if you see a hot assed blonde in skin tight jeans low cut top, With her clevage for all to see and you refere to this as her being attractive, (or are left open mouthed, stutering or momentarly losing your concentration) then you are living in the false reality, created by our media, propagation of a womans sexuality or sexploitation. This, the hot blonde, ultra hottie is just a (our, western first world civilation) socio-cultural abductation of a womans sexuality, as in other cultures such as asian, arab they would consider such an image as disgusting and unattractive.

Live in the natural world where Natural** = Sexual. She was born to be the carer, to bear children to look after the house hold and the family. It´s in her biological make up to be that way. It does nt matter how much her social programming is to be a powerful independent woman, she cannot fight mother nature, her own biological responce and her DNA (ADN).

A woman that is sexploiting herself and her image (wearing sexy clothers, etc) is really just out fishing for man, or male company….the sexier or more she exploits this, well quite frankly the more she is fishing for male attention.

The only frame I have these days is “when a woman gets to know me, she will absolutly fall in love with me, as it is in her natural and emotional nature to do so”


“its always on”.

Understand this and you will be just be beginning to press the “turbo” botton on your game. I gave up on inner game a long time ago…and tecniques (and NLP) and replaced it all with what is written above, and a few other concepts such as being the centre (rock solid centre) of your universe and getting girls to orbit your world like an orbita satellite. so if required go read again and understand it. Under no circumstances will I enter a girls world and become apart or part of her orbital universe, not for even the most prettyest/sexiest/hottest girl . I will NEVER sell up on my dignity or lose my much valued masculinity just “to be lucky to be near/around her, her royal princess”. No way…just no fucking way! Some things just have no price.

Knowledge + Inaction = Zero


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