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Be Yourself

It is best is to just be yourself, no matter what, not your best self that style talks about alot. Most certainly not some fake person that you are not. Be yourself, 100% congrunet and strongly grounded and centred in that reality even id you are a geek (or not) it is that what drive them (women) wild over you, simply because women are not strong enough to just be their true selves (come on they change their hair like the weather, always buying new clothes every week, and very often getting up at 6am (despite college / work) not strating untill 9am to put on their make up!.

If you are 100% grounded in your reality and so happy just to be yourself no matter what the f*ck anyone thinks, being so care free weather or not they like you or not, love you or even hate you. Your natural level confidence will just go to the stratosphere. You will feel great for just being you and the chicks will just be drawn to that “natural high on the happy side of life” vibe that you are giving off, like a magnet.

Its sad to admitt, but so true that most people are sad (men and women) and are drawn to people that are just so naturally happy. This is simply due to people want to be happy (this is very normal), But are sad due to their social programming, (the i always want more syndrome). the I have one ferrari, but I want two. IM a hot sexy blonde chick, Miss Spain but wont be happy till Im miss world!. etc etc, society really doesnt want people to be happy, because they then have nothing to aim for, nothing (more) to want, thus become bad consumers (I.e. Im completely happy with everything in my life, so I aint going to buy anything). Note when you buy something most of the time you are buying an emotion.


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