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Natural Attraction I

Why the rock star, why the film star?, why the hero? why the natural? Why the football god?. Do they know something others don’t know? Do they know something that the average PUA (or PU guru) doesn’t know? Those kind of guys get girls, always got girls and will continue to get girls, so what is it about them? Keep reading

Well firstly to answer those questions correctly yes there is something that they do, naturally, or unwillingly but they all do it and it is universal, and some thing that no PU artist (or student) and very few PU guru does…and it is so simple, very so simple to explain verbally (in person) but to put into text, well its simple also, but not much so, so bare with me as I try.

What the naturals understand is gravitation, where at the central universe of their lives is themselves, they are strongly grounded within their beliefs and belief systems, understandings and knowledge of certain things that are ok within the natural universe. Their lives is not centred around getting girls, neither is it centred around their work/ studies, their hobbies or anything else for that matter. Quite simply put they are the centre of their universe. Nothing or no-one else is more VIP than them. Everything else is secondary. Worthy of note is those guys are not affected by external circumstances. Girls enter their world, and become a part of their lives. A natural does not enter a girls universe as he knows he is the master of his destiny.

Wussies at the centre of their world and universe changes from time to time. Now it might be the champions league final (come on Chelsea ;)) ) next week it maybe some girl they met at the club or on the street, next month it may be their forthcoming examinations. What is at the centre of their life changes from day to day, time to time like the autumn leaves blown around by the wind. Wussies are affected by external circumstances. A wussie enters a girls world.

The pick up artist (student & some gurus included) at the centre of their world really tends to be “the community” and seduction techniques, put short at the centre of their universe is girls, many PUA have no problem getting girls, but keeping them they have some problems, because they are entering the girls world instead of her entering his world, instead of being strongly grounded in his own reality and being the centre of his world. Neither mystery or style have had relationships lasting longer than 6 months. His seduction (PUA) fully relies upon technique, tactics and methods.

So to give an analysis.

Its like peaches and cream!

For wussies I put the peaches and cream upon the table. But the table has no legs, and I set the table naturally upon the floor, they will pick up low quality girls, I have to make it easy for them to get the peaches due to their low skill level.

For the PUA I place the peaches and cream on the centre of a tall table that has just one leg (in the centre), some will get to eat the peaches and cream, others wont it will depend upon the individual’s skill level, to balance the table and eat the peaches with out them falling on the floor.

For the natural I place the peaches and cream upon a table that has all four legs (a strong foundation), they will have no problem to get to the table to have the peaches, without having to rely upon techniques and independent of skill level.

So back to that question Why the rock star, why the film star?, why the hero? why the natural? Why the football god?. Do they know something others don’t know? Do they know something that the average PUA (or PU guru) doesn’t know?

Yes they do know something; they know to be strongly grounded within their reality, and not just their reality, the natural reality of nature; to be the centre of their universe. He is the selector “she” must come into his world and under no circumstance will he make her the centre of his life, no matter how pretty she is, or how fantastic she maybe or may think she is.

What is the natural reality of nature? Well, that maybe for another post to explain fully.
Plainly put its where the man is dominant one in the relationship, even in the initial courtship and pick up, fail to communicate this and your eating the peaches from the table that is on the floor. You see due to physiological nature women has to accept (submit) something entering her body, that cannot and will not happen if she is more dominant than the male counterpart. Personally my view to shit test are that the women are testing a mans dominance, after all she has to give away her power to a man (to submit to) in order for her to get laid. I did say a woman has to give away the power, its not my fault that the social programming of western women are that they have 50% rights equal to men, and are hyped up like crazy about “girl power” (f*cking spice girls), or independent women or indeed “the power of a woman” or “I am the one that wears the pants in this relation ship” attitude of women, this goes against nature! The man is head of the household, leader of the relationship, and the dominant one, where else in the animal kingdom (and remember 98% of our DNA is the same as chimpanzee) does the female have the power or equal rights. This I belive (the un natural Dominante or equal rights) female created the wussie. Damn feminazi´s !! . I do not believe that women like the badboy caracter´s, they just gravitate towards them due to being fed up with ass kissing wussies, like I said in a previouse post, girls actually prefer a nice guy than a badboy.

So whats my advice? Get yourself together, Make yourself the centre of your life. By getting yourself together I mean take up some hobbies (if you don’t have one), I mean one´s that get you out of the house, coin collecting and stamp collecting are out! As is being a film geek! Current films are ok (last 5 years or so). Be an intresting character for her, the only way to do that is to have an intresting life, there is no faking that. If you live in one of the many towns do the activities locally. The activities must be something that you are interested in, Karate, etc. is ok. Football is also ok (just not 7 days a week). Learn a language (most classes are full of girls,) eat out at a local restaurant with friends at least once a week, within time you get to know whats hot and whats not around town or the city. learn to play an instrument, piano, guitar, etc…
Do not do those activities / hobbies with the intention of meeting girls or impressiong girls.

Having an active life and having your life fully together, and being at the centre of your universe, being the dominant one and recognising the natural balance of the universe where women are not our equal* this is natural pheromones. This is natural attraction.

i´ll try to explain further!

most people dont get it, we live in an enforced reality, the one where its “ella que manda” her that wear´s the pants. that is why the pick up arts and seducers will only ever get hit and miss results. I do admit that the PUA and the NLP approach will get results but it´s just surface level (if they are comming form the wrong paragim; an enforced reality) how many times do you see a guy in a LTR and his girlfriend throwing a tantrum when she doesn´t get her way? then the guy givving in to her tantrum´s?. take note that girls also live in this enforced reality of our westernised social climate when they are spending hours infront of the mirror getting their make-up perfect and being super ultra attractive…since when does a female have to be an ultra attractive super model inorder to mate with a male?…

Politics and social order did not create women, nature did!.


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