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Bending The big Attraction switch II

ok, maybe this is super obvious to some guys here, but I just understood it after a conversation with my gf when she told me why she liked me..)

Attraction has always been a mystery to me.

This is because there are a lot of switches that create attraction.

But there is a major switch that even alone can do the job.

Everything else alone can create interest and curiosity, so the girl later may choose to want you.
But this major switch doesn’t let her choose. If it’s on, it’s on.

I can be playful and create happy moments, so the girl may think, this guy is fun, maybe I would like him….
(she still chooses, but it’s a nice add on swictch…)

So, the BIG switch is NOT: horniness, sexual state (I have had the most hard dick in front of girls and they wouldn’t give a shit..)

NOT: beauty, nice appearance (perfect add on small switch, but I have seen beautiful guys LJBFed cause they had the BIG switch off…)

What the BIG switch is?
Kind of hard to explain at text but I’ll try.

BIG switch is: I’m stronger than the girl, dominance. Not a muscle dominance (that’s obvious), but a male/female, sexy dominance.
Like she knows that if the stupid society was not there, I would turn her around and fuck her haard, and later feed her strawberries.(an alpha who cares for her)

This male dominance is like something that you have done accidently without knowing it at more shy, ugly girls, that you know you have them.
You meet them, you know you are ABOVE them, but you still go on and seduce them.
Their knees bent before you, they may look down, blush, smile, raise heart beat,swallow saliva, take away their eyes (painful feeling of submission).
They SUBMIT to you, it’s their role..

If it’s a party girl and I cant make her submit to me, I’ll have to treat her like stone and MAKE her submit. I’ll grab her to me etc.

Or if the girl is showing indication of interest like smiling, touching… but not the indication of interest who are a trademark of the BIG switch (submission indication of interest), then I ‘ll just treat her physically like a stone and I will create them.
She never had a right to choose if she likes me or not.

If the girl just doesn’t submit to me, it means that she has a stronger frame than me, I’m not strong enough for her and my seduction is not a strong enough. Maybe I will get into a problematic relationship with her.

So, matrix frames, girls frames might be stronger from time to time from my male dominant frame.

Examples: At relatives, friends gf etc., you might have seen this strong frame from your part, but it scares you since it’s your budy’s girlfriend, so you turn it off and become a female friend, funny and everything, but not a dominant… Or you may keep your dominance but avoid interaction with her, Eye contact with her etc.. Or she avoids it.. Notice at these occasions what part of your character you turn off!

Example 2: Of course I try to look good, then go meet a girl , (words mean shit in front of the big attraction switch).
I introduce my self, have my legs spread appart, give her my hand calmly and hold it more, look her face, smile, take off her sunglasses and look her eyes. Tell her:mmm,you have beautiful eyes, she blushes a little. indication of interest of the big switch. I have her, go to rapport and venue change….

Important note: Sharks openers are the PERFECT verbal game for this dominant switch. And compliments, since what is more perfect in life than the most dominant thing to like you?

So, attraction for me now comes to: look good, make her submit, pay her some compliments/make her feel nice (or not…)

Maybe later at rapport I’ll tell her something that will make me look educated or adventurous…. But I tell it from the place of power like Shark would say, so it has strength…It doesn’t seem like trying to impress…

If you ever see the indication of interest of the Big switch, take notice of what you feel, your body language at this time and keep it. With some practice , doing it at the super beautiful girls or at matrix impossible places will be feasible. I’m working on it.

Every feedback at this is welcome

ps: Being dominant is not being dangerous to her ok?Remember to smile and not look like you ran out of jail and cops are after you
ps2: If you have smaller indication of interest, you can still close but some more attraction wouldn’t be bad..
ps3: Sometimes this can be done without even try, eg: you’re the club dj and she is an 18 years old who just went out of the house for the third time.
ps4: what Dumas P said, make her shy in front of you..
ps5: Calibrate attraction and how much uncomfortableness you can give her. Maybe with a qualifying comment she will freak and maybe by seeing a fugitive running to her she will feel horny. Make her submit as far as she can take it.


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