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Bending the big attraction switch I

The Master-Bend Permission Method

First thing is to understand what you can offer to women. Write it down or whatever. Things like alphaness, good sex etc.

You say you can’t offer anything? Thats bad, go home.

Ok, now, here is the crucial point: You have to realize, you have to FEEL, that what you can offer is ENOUGH and even more than what any women might want.
Understand that you don’t try to cheat women into sex, relationship etc. with you. You don’t steal anything.

Don’t use ASF stuff for faking value or compensate for things you lack (or better THINK you lack).

The key lies in true understanding of your worth, and that you are more worth than any 10 out there.

From this realization (or better FEELING) derives the permission to go out and be a PU master.

No more learning needed.

1) see her
2) approach
3) open with direct, tell her you want her (why talk around it? its the truth and your mother told you lying is bad ^^)
4) bend her at some point, this will make the rest easier (i will explain bending later)
5) rapport (attraction will be there anyways)
6) do whatever is necessary to ensure fulfillment on both sides ^^

You cant understand bending from reading a text, as its not to be understood logical.
Your goal is to make the girl SHY.
HOW you do it? I dont know, you have to start at zero and learn it yourself.
You will know you are doing it right, when you can look at a girl, and she looks down etc.and basically shows submissive behaviour.

It’s easy, now you have the permission to fuck hot chicks and can bend girls, fun, eh?


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