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Badboy on Attraction

In order to attract a girlwoman, you must first understand why and how they think. Why we have an effect like Attraction, and whywhen it happens…

The easiest way to understandexplain this, is ‘Switches theory’. You know those onoff switches you have in your house for electricity? Now imagine 15 of those on one box. That’s how a woman’s mind is… everything they have in their mind are switches — Is he attractive? Is he Good at sex? OffOn.

Every girl out there has a different set of switches, cause it really depends on their culture, their childhood and age, plus few other minor things…

But there are some common switches you must turn ON to all girls out there:

–He must be a challenge –Alpha –Interesting –Unpredictable –Goodaverage looking –Not needy –Is he good at sex? –Does he have a sense for humor? –Rapport –Comfort –Trust

Now, those switches can be either ON or OFF, there is no value in-between… for geeks, it’s all off Smile

What happens when you switch on most of those switches?? Wow… she starts to be interested in me… actually… she starts to show indication of interest (indication of interest). That reaction is totally normal — she meets a guy, and this guy is funny, good looking, interesting, romantic, not needy… etc. of course she is interested in getting to know him better (read: sleeping with him).

Switching on those switches is also ‘demonstrating personality’. You can do it by storiesroutinesjokes or actions…

You can tell stories where you were romantic, or you go in front of the bar to watch a sunset… It doesn’t matter, as long as the ‘he is romantic’ switch is ON.

Every story or routine you have in your arsenal is saying something to her (switching on some switches). When designing routinesstories, first take a look what do you want to convey (that you are not already conveying with your lookbody language).

The easiest way to switch On lot of switches is Body language & the way you behave dress…

Lets take a look at me for example. If you never saw the way I look, take a look my webpage photo here…(((sorry guys photo link no longer available)))

Okay, lets analyze together… what do you think about this guy just from this photo? Here is what I would say:

• He has lot of confidence • He looks like some badboy or really advantures guy • Good looking (average) • He is drinking expensive cocktails, so probably he has some money… • Probably sex is good with him • Alpha, he doesn’t give a shit about people. (leg on table) • Lets also say Unpredicatable, cause he doesn’t look like some predictable guy… • Does he look needy?? hmmm… not sure…

Ok, guys, you get my point… I switched On like 10 switches just by the way I look and behave. Ok switches I haven’t flipped yet:

I don’t have trust, rapport, I am not romantic, interesting… that’s it!!!!

That means 5 stories for 5 more switches. That’s like 5 X 5 minutes = 25 minutes to get a girl. Let’s say 35 minutes…

Of course you can convey all those things through conversation, and that’s fine. But it will take 10X longer! This way it works for me, and I am happy.


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