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General thoughts on the game

Its funny how most guys in this community, they don’t want to become world-class players, most of them just want a GF or a 2 to have.
I don’t know for others, but I don’t need new girl every day, I am more of guy for Long-term relationships, cause I love my Girls, hanging out with them, their attention.Game is little bit different when you go for One-night-stands, and when you want a relationship with girl.

if you want to go for relationship, then its smart, to not push physical things during first 2 meetings.Actually, you can even do it, but be careful how you fuck her ( for more low-energy fucking, with lot of eye-contacts, hugs, cuddles. Cause that way, you send more of ‘relationship signals’

Also smart thing, is during PU, to pay lot of attention to Rapport, and not so much to Attraction, cause Relationships are primary based on Connection, Trust & Comfort …(those three together gives RAPPORT !

If you want to be successful with girls and with people in general, you must be congruent with things you say, and things you do. Everything you say, and you do, it must be congruent, with way you look, and way you move. Otherwise, you’ll confuse ppl. and people will not understand you at all. The easiest way to be congruent, is not to use too much of prepared structured material, that comes from lot of different players.Its much better, and easier, to just focus on yourself, so everything that comes out of your mouth, comes from how you feel, and what you think(from attitudes and beliefs).
If it comes from you, your deep inner self, then there is no way you can be Incongruent.

Using too much of prepared material available around community, will send lot of different messages to girl. Its better for you that those things are congruent with your self !
99% of guys use this material-routines cause they don’t know what to say ‘stalling’
There is no such thing as ‘stalling’
you´re talking a lot , and not stalling is just one small portion of big puzzle. Crucial communication, is not done on that layer, its done on communication layer behind words… FEELINGS layer.

remember old saying of Badboy ” Its not what you say, its HOW you say it” that’s it.
If you talk to girl, and you feel scared, or insecure..she is going to pick up that feeling ! And there problems starts. So its crucial to be aware of emotional states you are projecting.Some guys teach routines, and to repeat them million times, so you get comfortable with them, so you can project comfort state while talking to girl !! funny.
I project that state using body language, taking lot of space, being comfortable, so she picks up that state, and so she also feels comfortable!!
how many times I wrote about “Being Alpha, is not about being Alpha, is about being RELAXED” now, you know why!! That is power of body language, and how to control people around yourself with just body language.
Also voice is, one of our best weapon we have. IT must be deep, and strong !Just good voice can turn woman on like nothing else! aso, your voice must be congruent to the way you look…

Can U imagine some masculine guy, like Provocador for example, with cartoon-network, high pitch voice??


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