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How Much attraction is required?

ATTRACTION There has been a question in my head that has been bugging me: “What amount of attraction is needed to get a girl?”

Answer: MINIMUM.

You would be really surprised how such a small amount of attraction is needed to get a girl. I mean, lets face it, the majority of guys reading this would be satisfied if they can get any woman at a 7 on the looks scale, and that is ok. The 10’s require a very different kind of approach, because to get them, it requires much more inner game, then some verbal game.

For the majority of chicks out there (70%), to be with a guy, they need to feel a connection and rapport before they do anything with him. This rapport is crucial in any Pick Up!! Without rapport you can not do very much.

Chicks who fuck without rapport, we call sluts. They are too easy, the whole neighborhood fucks them. For the rest of the girls you need good wide & deep rapport to connect with them.

For women, they need to feel a connection between you and her, as much as guys need to feel a physical attraction for woman.

Chicks use sex as a rapport tool. They will have sex just with guys that are worth keeping around.

“Why?” You may ask? Well take a look at the purpose that women use sex to get rapport with a guy!! If he is good enough for her, she will have sex with him.

A few months ago, I asked my Long Term Relationship Girlfriend “Would you mind telling me, if you really like a guy you are dating, how would you get him?”

Her Answer: “I would give him pussy.”

They use sex, to create more rapport, to establish more connection between her and partner. That is why they say in the morning “Uh, he just used me… he used me for my body,” because she was fucking a guy to establish rapport with him, trying to get him into a relationship, and he was just fucking her.

A girl feels empty, she feels stupid, used, played… whatever. (buyers remorse)

Can you imagine yourself creating rapport for 5 hours with some chick you want as a Long Term Relationship, and after 5hours, (the whole night almost) she takes her stuff and dumps you by saying “‘That was a nice chat… bye!”

How would you feel?? Stupid?? Empty?? Used?? Like you gave something for free?? Yes… that’s how they feel!!

Let’s get back to the topic at hand.

For most of the guys who are reading seduction material, they have one big problem. They think that when they have nothing to say, they will fix the problem by learning more and more routines instead of just being laid back, relaxing, and enjoying your time with her.

You do not need to make attraction so important that you force yourself to think “Ohh… I MUST ATTRACT HER!!” You’ll get enough attraction with just being a confident, cool, not-needy, good or even “okay” looking guy who understands woman.

Now, every girl on planet would want to have that kind of guy. If you are like that, you now just need to create rapport and connect with her!!!

You won’t believe, how much chicks will guide you in PU from start to end if you can just relax and listen what she has to say, and VIBE with her. Chicks will tell you exactly what you need to do to get them. You just need to LISTEN to them.

If you overload your brain with millions of thoughts, you’ll never be able to relax, and listen to her and what she is communicating. Your brain will be constantly analyzing “What is wrong?”

Chicks will tell you when they feel comfortable, when they are attracted, when they need rapport… they will tell you EVERYTHING, but they won’t do that by themselves. They expect you to lead them and to do most things without asking her opinion, because if you ask them for anything, they must say NO! (society programming)

Like my friend Ranko would say “never ask a closed question, all the girls intrepretate it as 2do you wnat to have sex with me? what ever the question is or was”

Next time you go out, try to not put so much pressure to attract her, instead try to create good ‘wide & deep’ rapport.

Here is basic outline of good PU:

–Opener –Comfort (Get her in comfort state of talking with you) –Attraction (pop switches up-personality conveying) –Rapport (she is gonna tell you when you need to go for it, she will start to ask you questions)

When she starts to ask questions, don’t go directly to rapport, wait few more minutes and then go for it… (don’t give her what she wants)

In rapport, go wide (change lot of topics), and go deep (on each topic, go deep inside, talk about feelings..)

Topics for deep & wide rapport: relationships, social programming, soulmates, holidays, hobbies, music…etc etc

I am sure the next question I will hear from guys is how to create attraction…

You just need one or two stories or routines, (something funny-with) and confidence. Also, if possible, some story from your life. The best would be is story is from your private life, cause then you can naturally project emotions to her and tell that story perfectly and give her a big emotional-trip.

When you perform other guy stories, you can’t be as good a he is at telling it because that is HIS life story, HIS memories, HIS emotions. Only he knows how he felt, and the way it happened… you must be really good actor to put so much emotions inside some story. Lots of guys in this community are excellent in that kind of storytelling! For you others, try to use stories form your life, some funny situations (every person has them).

For example, I use these ones from my life:

–When chick used me for sex and left me money for it –Being with 13 little girls as a kid in kindergarten… and how scared I was

With such stories that are really funny, especially if you have good body language like an Alpha Male would have, then you talk how chicks thought you were a cheap gigolo (cheap man whore).

This can be really funny, especially the more you show how you have a soul and emotions.

The actual story is not as important as the delivery of the story is — your voice tone, pitch, speed of your voice, etc. — those are crucial parts in the delivery. You can talk to them about nothing with a sexy voice, and they will get wet!!

Actually, this is how I get alot of attraction from girls, and I know why… because of this contrast: I look like a real Alpha jerk, but have a spiritual, emotional side. Like, when I talk to girls about soul mates, love, etc, etc, etc….

Just that is enough for me (and for you guys as well) to get enough attraction, to get a girl. The rest of story is rapport (comfort-connection-trust).

We all know why jerks are attractive. It is the same everywhere you go, even at the North Pole! Why?? Thank Hollywood and their programming (good copbad cop). Why is the bad cop always so much cooler then good cop???

I went a step beyond just being a jerk (some % of girls don’t like jerks), so I show them the opposite side of me (emotions, smart guy). That’s what will create additional attraction for every possible girl out there! Who the fuck could resist the emotional, smart, Jerk?? Trust me, a girl that could has not yet been born….

Also, chicks love jerks because of the feeling they give them. They don’t ask, they just take… with them, it just happens. Also, the feeling of being with somebody who is dominant, who isn’t being needy, drives them crazy.

Here are some tips for you guys to try tonight, for instant success. All you need is a good wing. I did this with my friends last weekend, and we had great fun using this openerapproach.

Go into a set with a wing, and ask the girl, “Did you just order a lapdance or a striptease?”

Of course they’ll say yes (they always say yes).

Then just push your wing into the set, and let him start dancing for them… and stripping himself.

Pretend that he is your bitch… and you are a pimp… just sit down with the chicks, and enjoy watching the girls watching your wing. When he stops dancing, just start talking with them, you are already part of the set!!

Its great fun, and very easy to do!!!


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