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The Social Matrix

Probably you have seen movie Matrix.This movie is really important for understanding of how our society works. So if you haven’t saw Matrix I suggest, go rent it, and then come back to this article and read it. I also recommend watching Fight club and the charcter played by Brad Pit, and understand the underlying philosophy.

we all know, that sex sells everything.
Society is controling us us, in million of ways, sex is just one of them, in order for us to become better sheep’s and to serve our society better. Big part of control, is brainwashing people, and making them sad and frustrated ansd sad.Why?Because, you cant control happy people.If you are happy,you won’t buy things,you wont search for help, you wont search for your hapiness.As long as you are frustrated, as long you think about problems, as long you think you are are full of problems, that guaranty you will work to make money, and buy more things, to buy your hapiness.

Religion, school, TV, commercials are constantly trying to keep you frustrated to sell you more and more things.
Their main stategy is: create a problem, then sell a solution.
For example, both, man, and female, we want sex, to be together, cause that makes us happy. And of course, when somebody is happy, he doesnt think about his problems, he doesn’t need more money, HE is happy. That person wont work hard,, not as hard as some unhappy person would work, to get her happiness.

Somehow, In last 20 years, somehow irt happened that they inserted something between man and female, and created a empty space between them, space where they sell things…’you FEEL lonely….buy this!! Its funny, how they made Female frustrated,and unhappy, with sending them message through TV, newspapers, and magazines like Cosmo, Message, where they say, how she is not beautifull enough, and how they must look like if they want to be desirable! Check Cosmopolitain magazin.Of course, most of them will feel unhappy, cause they cant afford to look like that. As we all know, that Beauty equals money in our society. With lot of money, you can get plastic surgery, dress in expensive cloths, look HOT! So that means, if you want some good guy, you must look beautiful, and HOT, and to get money for that, you must work.and work.

Girls are constantly unhappy, cause this Fashion always changes, and they are constantly forced to buy new pair shoues\purse\cloth every so and then, because old ones are not anymore IN.Also, I really hate this hidden message that is spread to woman, and that is the better you look, the more beautifull are u, better guy you deserve.

That’s how they are creating fake confidence for them : you ar so beautifull right now, that any guy on this planet will want you.Every girl in planet wants to look beautifull, not just because of guys, and their competition( other girls), but also because of themselves

If you take a look industry behind female beauty, you will understand problem even more deeper!
Makeups, Haircuts, shoes,perfumes, clothing, and all other things they are forced to buy, to look beautiful.Those things changes every season, so if they want to stay at top, they must spend lot of money.
and what is Beauty?In every culture term what is beautiful is different ,10years ago, they created that curly woman, with big tits, 90-60-90 was SEXY, that was model for SEXY.In last few years, those things are changing, and they are promoting those skinny models all over place.Skinny girls, with small ass.NO wonder why lot of girls got anorexy, while trying to bemoce like those models.So what is sexy, its coming from society programming mostly. For examplein some parts of south Africa, being fat, is ATTRACTIVE.And the more fat you are the more attractive you er down there And beautiful, cause it means, you are healthy, means that you have money, that you have something to eat!!

In our culture, society created extremely big value to beautiful woman, and linked man happy ness towards beautiful HOT woman.But also linked what we need to BUY to get beautiful woman!!HOW? take a look those ads on street. You will see expensive car and next to it HOT chick, then something expensive, and HOT chick, equals, buy this, you will get this!

also if you take a look world popular magazine Playboy, you will notice structure, hot chicks on 1\2 of magazine, then what you need to buy to get hot chicks on 2nd half of Magazine! and for that car, you must work and work. Even when you get expensive car, it doesn’t guaranty you will get girl. I know guy with new Porch who doesn’t get laid, why,Bcaus he still doesn’t have confidence to approach girl he doesn’t know in a club. And she doesn’t want to approach her, as her ego doesn’t allows it to her.

Society tells you, that beautiful girl is your end goal,above car, above house, above job.
Because even when you have nice job, good car, and nice house, you feel lonley without that girl in your life.

Its funny, when guy has nice car, nice job, and he looks good, he somehow gets confidence, and he feels like being on TOP, Because he has everything that society requires from guy who is attractive. He is alone in a bar, without his nice car, without his job.but he as opposite to other guys, he has confidence to approach, and meet strange woman, and seduce girls.Because he has things that society requires to feel confident. Woman, they also know, when somebody is confident, that its caues of some reason. That’s how Confidence and success in life has been connected.That is a reason why girls, woman in general aer so much attracted towards guys who have confidence.

Structure how most common average Joe life is :
He finish a college, he moves to some average apartment, he has some average car, and a reasonable job.But he works harder, and harder, to get better job, so he can afford better place to live, better car to drive, and dress better, so on end he can attract more beautiful chicks, and get them into relationship. All the time, he is working to get more money so he can buy more things that makes him happy. Hopefully, seduce with it some really beautiful woman.

On other side, when a girl finishes a college, she gets some average job. Lot of money she invest into her beauty, and she is going to work harder and harder to get better job, more money, so she can invest more money into her look. Because the better she looks, the better guy she is going to attract, guy with more money, nice car.

I have been with girls, that would spend 90% of their salary into their looks. Beauty salons, sun beds, new Paciotti shoes, new purse etc

All those things makes them really really happy. But unfortunately, its just temporary happiness.So next month, its going to be same story. So what they are actually selling its temporary feeling of happiness.

That is a reason, why I call it Marix.
Because our society is based by some rules.for example. Those beauty industry is going to exist only till woman is feeling unhappy, with the way they look.If they start publishing message Its ok to be fat and ugly, all over magazines and newspapers.What would happen, is all that beauty industry will got out of business. That is why they constantly keep them frustrated with beauty models.

I will tell you story, about me and my friend Shark. How we used to be. We purposely, didn’t want to spend any money on chicks while going out! We were worst customers in our country.We would go out, tap drink water, and always got hottest chicks in club. we spend ZERO money there, we would dress like shit!! no cocktails, no club fee’s (cause we knew everybody).Chicks, would cook for us, clean our apartments, take us to dinners, drive us with their cars. we were truly happy.

Can u imagine what ,what would where happen if most guys are like this?? can U imagine Million of guys like this, getting what they what, and trully happy? Who would buy drinks, expensive drinks to girls, who would buy expensive cars, Armani suits?? who would take chicks to expensive dinners? who my friends?? Who? it would be economy colaps.Now you understand why guys are not supposed to get laid, why guys who are successful get laid a lot.

Also, If everybody would get laid, they would become happy. Girls and guys. There would be impossible to sell lot of things, that are totally connected with people. Being lonely.

Now, I will show you what society teaches’s you wrong.
1)Girls like nice guys. It should be Girls HATE nice guys. Did you ever asked yourself, why is that Beautiful woman, is always with some jerk? Guy who behaves towards her like a total dick. Why do they are attracted to such guys? And when you date such a girl, you respect her, buy her a dinner you always get that famous Lets just be friend’s line?

Lets kill Mystery.
Girls in general hate nice guys, because they are boring, predictable, addicted to routine, insecure, not fun, serious, without some life.

Girls are emotional creatures, and they want to feel emotions. And then you compare, nice guy with just one boring emotion that is Love, Vs jerk who is going to give her, love,hate, pain, pleasure, adrenalin, anticipation, all that feelings in one day.

If you are a girl, would you choose some boring average guy, who is going to give you sex like a routine, always same, and have monotone relationship, where you will control him like a toy, , or you would choose some adventures crazy guy, that gone be totally unpredictable, interesting, challenge, and give you crazy sex??

Of course you would choose that 2nd. guy.
Just like every girl does.
Predictivity is killer of ATTRACTION I remember, how one of my ex GFs told me few times:”you know, I really like nice guys, but you know what, I get bored with them really soon, so I dump them”.

2nd thing, that is totally wrong, is that girls don’t like sex.
that Is total bullshit, they love sex as much we do, if not even more. Take a look they do dress..

One of biggest thing that is wrong in this society, and so obvious, is that girls have power, control, that girls are PRICE! now, let me tell you one sad thing. They don’t feel like a price, they cant be price, they are insecure, they never felt more insecure in history, then last 20 years!
If you spent 5hours in fornt of mirror to look beautiful for other people. To attract other people, that means they are price, not you! As you care what do they think about you. So They a are trying to impress others by the way you look. That’s how they do generate attraction towards guys. So that means she is insecure, because she doesn’t know will she attract guy or not.

This is biggest mistake, for guys who don’t understand how they really think. So those guys will try to qualify them self that they are worth for girl, they will try everything to impress girl, with money, cars..etc. And if she And just by qualifying to her that you are worth for her, buying her drink, etc you subcommunicte that you are actually below her, that you need her… that you are more insecure then she is. And we know they are searching for somebody who is above her, somebody who will be dominant, not pussy. One Photo model told me golden sentence: Listen, we all want guy who is just little bit above us, guy who has more power then we have. Doesn’t matter, if it is, car, job, status, money, career. As long is guy has more power then I have.

For million of years, since caveman period, girls were choosing strongest guy (Alpha guy) to mate with him. Usually, this guy had strongest muscles, and he was leader of group. Females were choosing him, because he was able to protect family, because he carried best genes, for their baby’s. Cause next to him, you felt safe… etc. today, Million years later, woman is still insecure, and they still search for guy, who they will feel safe around, guy they will LEAD them through life, for guy who is in control. No matter, how much they say they don’t need man, cause they are independent, still THEY are Heavy attracted to guy with Power!!


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