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A Set of Belief´s

1. It’s not about being rude to people, it’s about being nice to yourself.
2. The strongest frame always wins.
3. It’s my world, I can do whatever I want.
4. It’s may way, my way or HIGHWAY
5. Personal space doesn’t exist.
6. Yesterday is just a memory, pictures in your head. Tomorrow is just a hope, a possibility, that may never come. Everything that you have is this moment, so fucking squeeze the shit out of it!
7. Carpe diem
8. Fuck society bullshit
9. Fuck excusers
10. Fuck circle of lamers
11. Chicks want MAN by default!
12. Chicks are stones, move them
13. Control people. People around you are SHEEPS
14. Bitch shield do not exist
15. Everything is an indication of interest
16. See the matrix. Fuck it!
17. Let them know how far they can go, then punish them, if they move too much
18. You break my rules 3 times in your life : 1st time, last time and never again


October 24, 2008 - Posted by | Inner Game |

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